Comprehensive Kidney & Urinary Care team at Penn Vet

Caring for Kidneys

Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital is the nation's only academic veterinary hospital to offer comprehensive services in urologic and kidney care.

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Dr. Jeremy Wang, Penn Vet researcher, works on germ line integrity

Protecting the Germ Line

The Wang Lab has determined how an enzyme protects the integrity of the germ line by giving rise to a class of RNA molecules.

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Pool recovery sytem at New Bolton Center

Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Created more than 40 years ago, the pool recovery system at New Bolton Center helps horses wake up gently from anesthesia.

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Dr. Charles Vite, neurologist and researcher at Penn Vet

Controlling Childhood Alzheimer's Disease

By administering cyclodextrin into the fluid around cats’ brains, Dr. Vite and his team were able to halt the progression of Niemann-Pick.

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Penn Vet canine pacemakers

Keeping Pace

In 1967, a Penn Vet cardiologist implanted the first canine pacemaker. Nearly 50 years later, this device saved the life of a boxer named Jake.

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Clydesdale horse and New Bolton patient Windsor at work

Windsor's Big Heart

When Windsor, a 2200-lb working Clydesdale, wasn't feeling himself, cardiologists at New Bolton Center soon found out why.

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Canine mitral valve disease radiograph

Addressing Canine Mitral Valve Disease

The "Barth" Memorial Fund for Mitral Valve Disease Research will help cardiologists at Penn Vet investigate canine MVD.

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