Horses may need special care on hot days

Getting Ready for Hot Summer Days

We all look forward to summertime, but horses need special care on hot days. Are you ready?

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Penn Vet Working Dog taking a heat break

Ready for Summer?

You may be ready for summer, but how about your loyal companion animals?

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Keep your cows healthy in the heat

Summer Heat and Cows

Summer is here finally! While it's fun in the sun, your cows need to be safe in the heat.

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Netty, a friendly Paint, and New Bolton Center patient

New Lease on Life

Netty had developed severe arthritis. Thanks to Dr. Kyla Ortved, pastern arthrodesis solved the problem.

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Jax, an oral surgery patient at Ryan Hospital

By Tooth and Nail

Jax was acting strangely, rolling on the floor, pawing at his face. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

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Penn Vet serves Agriculture in Pennsylvania

Penn Vet Serves Agriculture in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's agricultural industry is indelibly linked to Penn Vet.

Learn how Penn Vet supports PA


Want to know what it's like to be a Penn Vet student? Through our Summer VETS program, you can spend the summer here and find out. We offer programs for both high school and college students.


Learn about the many ways Penn Vet's world-renowned researchers push the boundaries of scientific discovery by reading about our groundbreaking initiatives and research centers.

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