Leishmaniasis Research

Dr. Phillip Scott is named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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100th Dog

Sidon is the 100th shelter dog to be saved by Penn Vet’s Shelter Dog Specialty Medical Treatment Project.

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Toodles, ophthalmology patient at New Bolton Center

Trouble With Toodles

In what may be the first procedure of its kind, New Bolton Center ophthalmologists performed cataract surgery on both eyes of a goat.

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Max, a boxer patient at Ryan Hospital

It Takes a Team

When Max was surrendered to Adopt A Boxer Rescue in May, he could not walk, was in extreme pain, and had a high fever.

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Volk Lab works on regulating cancer cell behavior

Regulating Cancer Cell Behavior

The Volk Lab has found that type III collagen helps prevent the spread of mammary gland tumors.

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