Rocky, Ryan Hospital patient

Cherry Picking

When Rocky, a French Bulldog, finally got to Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital, he was in critical condition.

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Zippy the zebra's hoof replacement

Zippy Runs Again

A year ago, Zippy the zebra’s entire hoof fell off. Thanks to New Bolton Center's farrier and surgical team, he's running again.

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The Molecular Basis of Weight Maintenance

Why are some people are prone to obesity and some to leanness? Weight maintenance is more complicated than “calories in, calories out."

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Last Food Mile

The Last Food Mile

Sustainably feeding 9 billion by 2050 is a daunting challenge. Dr. Zhengxia Dou brings together food experts from throughout the world at 'The Last Food Mile.'

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Fluid Therapy

A study led by Dr. Deborah Silverstein investigated the effects of IV fluids on blood circulation during spay and neuter surgeries on dogs.

Confronting Ebola

Confronting Ebola

Dr. Ron Harty works with Penn Vet's Imaging Core director Dr. Bruce Freedman to visualize Ebola's budding process.

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Learn what vet school entails with our Summer VETS program for both college and high school students.


Researchers at Penn Vet and Penn Med collaborate on developing an efficient cardiac gene transfer strategy using minimally invasive approach.

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