Snowy Owls in Mid-Atlantic Region

Secrets of the Snowy Owl

Veterinarians at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center examined Snowy Owls that didn’t survive last winter to better understand causes.

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Maxine, a yellow Labrador Retriever

Slow but Steady: Maxine's Story

When Maxine tore a tendon, jumping to catch a ball, Ryan Hospital's Dr. Cara Blake tried an unusual treatment: platelet-rich plasma.

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Retinal cells of blind mice

Responding to Light

A new chemical-genetic therapy restores light responses to retinas of blind mice and dogs, enabling mice to guide their behavior to visual cues.

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Laura Ramspacher foal-sits

Caring for the Youngest

Children's Hospital OR nurse Laura Ramspacher discovered caring for foals is remarkably similar to caring for babies.

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The Molecular Basis of Weight Maintenance

Why are some people are prone to obesity and some to leanness? Weight maintenance is more complicated than “calories in, calories out."

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