Dr. Brittany Watson, Penn Vet Shelter Medicine

Give Me Shelter

Our Shelter Animal Medicine program has helped students, faculty, and the community. Now Dr. Brittany Watson takes it on the road.

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Dr. Hess of Penn Vet studies diabetes in dogs

Causes of Canine Diabetes

A recent Penn Vet/Baylor College study revealed a distinct relationship between canine diabetes and the loss of insulin-producing beta cells.

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Twice the Impact

Twice the Impact

Our renal transplant program helps save the lives of two cats at a time.

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Twin foals at New Bolton Center

Double Trouble

Healthy twin foals are exceedingly rare, and these two were no exception. New Bolton Center's clinical team ensured their survival.

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parasitic infection and T cells in skin

First Line of Defense

Dr. Phillip Scott's team found that, after leishmaniasis infection, a population of T cells with a memory for the parasite remained in the skin.

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One Health, Penn Vet Dean Joan Hendricks

Humans, Environment, Animals, Living Together

Dean Joan Hendricks has emerged as a national leader in One Health – approaching veterinary medicine with a global perspective.

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