Penn Annual Conference 2017

PAC 2017

One of the largest veterinary conferences in the Philadelphia region...

Mason Immunotherapy Research

Mason Immunotherapy Research

Dr. Nicola Mason uses a novel approach to address various canine cancers.



Ryan Surgery

Ryan Surgery

Penn Annual Conference

Penn Annual Conference

A great opportunity to learn the latest in your field.

Penn Annual Conference Attendees

Penn Annual Conference

Get together with colleagues and meet new friends. Network!

Exhibitor booths at PAC2015

Penn Annual Conference Exhibitors

Want the chance to talk directly to vendor representatives?

Penn Annual Conference Reception

Penn Annual Conference Reception

A great place to discuss work and pleasure over a good meal.

Penn Annual Conference Registration

Penn Annual Conference Registration

Get help and directions at the registration desk at any time.

Our passion is our pedigree

Our passion is our pedigree

Our sports medicine faculty-clinicians are world leaders in equine sports medicine.

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Penn Vet Class of 2015

Congratulations to Penn Vet Class of 2015!

Our students earn a comprehensive education at Penn Vet.

Check out the VMD Curriculum...
Visiting Ryan Hospital

A Special Focus on Ryan Hospital

Take a peek behind the scenes...
Canine mitral valve disease radiograph

Addressing Canine Mitral Valve Disease

Read more about Dr. Mark Oyama's research...
McBaine detects ovarian cancer tissue.

Early Detection

Detecting ovarian cancer early can have a great impact on overall survival. Penn Vet working dogs train in ovarian cancer detection.

Penn Vet working dogs are driven to work.


Drive is most clearly defined as a willingness, vigor, or enthusiasm to engage in certain behavior, contexts, or situations.

Puppies in training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Basic Training

Puppies start training from the day they join the Working Dog Center at 8 weeks. After a firm foundation, they specialize.

Penn Vet Working Dog training for search and rescue


Penn Vet working dogs start their training at a young age. This six-month-old yellow lab is becoming an expert at search and rescue.

Penn Vet Working Dogs get their exercise

Fit to Work

Penn Vet working dogs are bred and trained for fitness and excellence.

Mouse microbiome and maternal stress

Neuroscience & Stress

Dr. Bale's lab studies how the mouse microbiome and maternal stress affect mouse pups.

Developing mouse models of stress sensitivity

Stress Sensitivity

Research in Biomedical Sciences studies the roots of neurospsychiatric disease.

Discovering the basis of brain disease

Brain Disease

The mouse brain is a model to study brain disease in animals and humans.

Neuropsychiatric disease and stress pathway dysregulation

Stress Pathway Dysregulation

Stress pathway disregulation is a common symptom of many diseases such as autism.

Neuroscience and neurobehavioral sciences


Biomedical Sciences researchers study neuroscience with state of the art technology.


Penn Vet is a global leader in specialty veterinary care, innovative teaching, and groundbreaking research.

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