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New Bolton Post - Summer 2016

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  • What’s New at New Bolton Center?

    A conversation with Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer, New Bolton Center Medical Director and Associate Professor of Emergency and Critical Care


  • New Residents, Fellows, and Interns
    Meet New Bolton Center's new House Officers.
  • First Tuesday Lecture with Dr. Jennifer Linton

    Breeding a mare can be a busy time, with frequent ultrasound examinations, uterine lavages, oxytocin injections, and inseminations. All of those hours become worth it when, 14-16 days after ovulation, the work has paid off and your mare is pregnant. But what happens next?

  • Penn Vet Research Shows Success for New Testing Methods for Blood Compatibility, Typing

    With more than 400,000 different combinations of equine blood types, veterinarians often face a challenge when finding the best match for horse blood transfusions.

  • Back on Track

    New Bolton Center’s Jeffords High-Speed Treadmill is back in business and ready for patient diagnostics. The treadmill was taken out of service in January during the installation of EQUIMAGINE, the new robotics-controlled imaging system.