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UPenn: Silfen Forum on Cancer in the 21st Century

UPenn- Silfen Forum on Cancer in the 21st Century, produced by University Communications.


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Penn Vet’s Diagnostic Labs Help Keep Diseases at Bay

Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier: Toxoplasma gondii Research

Penn Vet & Pets for Life Bring Veterinary Care to Philadelphia

Introducing the Q Litter at Penn Vet's Working Dog Center

Best Friends Bash

Penn Vet Leads in One Health

Dean Hendricks talks about Penn Vet's role in One Health: Humans, the Environment, Animals, Living Together Harmoniously...

The Potential to Change the World

According to Dean Joan Hendricks, people pursue veterinary medicine for several reasons. First, they love animals. Second, they are fascinated with science and the desire to understand how things work. To better understand the role veterinarians play in One Health, watch this video produced by University of Pennsylvania Communications.

Summer Tips for Pets: On CNN

Dr. Debbie Mandell from Ryan Hospital's Emergency Service talks with CNN about summer heat hazards and gives tips on how to keep your pets healthy and safe.

Detecting Cancer With Dogs

Al Jazeera's TechKnows reporter, Cara Santa Maria, interviews Dr. Otto, Executive Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, about how dogs detect ovarian cancer.

My Special Girl Foals Online

FOX 29's Good Day Philadelphia came out to New Bolton Center to visit with My Special Girl and her newborn colt.
Penn Vet, Foal Cam, ABC News 
My Special Girl and her foal and our Foal Cam made national news with a story on Read the story: Mare to Give Birth Online; Human ICSI Helped Her Conceive.

Lisa Thomas-Laury from 6abc in Philadelphia came to New Bolton Center to interview Dr. Regina Turner and Dr. Tamara Dobbie about My Special Girl and her foal.

Fox 29 reporter Bruce Gordon came out to get the story today...interviewing Dr. Turner and getting lots of good video shots of My Special Girl. See the TV story.

NBC 10 was the first TV crew came to the Hofmann Center to interview Dr. Regina Turner and videotape My Special Girl.


Recent Podcasts
Dr. Erika Krick interview
  From the AVMA: Cancer is the leading cause of death in older pets, accounting for almost half of the deaths of pets over 10 years of age. But recent developments in veterinary medicine have greatly increased the options available for treating pets with cancer. In this podcast, Dr. Erika Krick, assistant professor of oncology, talks about treatment options for pets with cancer.
Michele Pich interview
This March 2014 podcast features Michele Pich, a psychologist and veterinary grief counselor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Michele also has extensive experience in leading support groups for people diagnosed with cancer.