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Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza

 Avian influenza, a respiratory disease that affects many birds, including poultry, has been detected in the United States.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) recently has been detected in commercial poultry, backyard poultry flocks, and wild birds in several states.

No human infections have yet been reported in relation to this latest outbreak. Generally, human infections with avian influenza viruses are rare, and most often occur after people are in direct or close contact with an infected bird. Biosecurity is key in protecting flocks.

Ebola, Penn Vet

About Ebola

As Ebola continues to dominate the news, we want to provide you with the latest information on Penn Vet faculty involved in the study of this deadly virus. Below you'll find a list of our experts available for commentary, information about our research and antiviral therapeutics, current news articles, and multimedia resources.

Cody, Comprehensive Cancer Care at Penn Vet

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital is changing the face of cancer medicine with a Comprehensive Cancer Care Program – a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate and treat cancer patients. Through this groundbreaking program, the best minds from all aspects of cancer care collaborate and offer solutions that are individually tailored for each patient, resulting in better care, more efficient service, and a more complete approach.

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