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New Bolton Post - Spring 2017

Featured Articles

  • The Expertise of New Bolton Center Directly to Your Farm

    It’s a familiar sight in Chester County: a white New Bolton Center Field Service truck on its way to a nearby farm. When that truck arrives at its destination, it’s not only delivering a skilled specialist with state-of-the-art equipment; it’s bringing the power and expertise of the entire hospital right to your barn door. 


  • Meet the Vet!

    Meet Dr. Meagan Smith, Assistant Professor of Equine Field Service.






    Feisty Filly: The Story of Tamara Rose

    "You need to get to the barn immediately." These words jolted Beaverlea Roye-Manderbach, as she took an early-morning call in mid-October from one of her employees at Laota Spring Farm in Sinking Hill, PA. One of her prize Paso Fino mares, Chaperona, had just given birth to a filly – six weeks early, and the filly was not moving.

  • Doodle Goes Into Surgery
    In celebration of National Ag Day, Dr. Marie-Eve Fecteau discussed the importance of her work with farm animals by featuring the case of a heifer named Doodle who was having an umbilical abscess resection.
  • New Clinical Trial Aims to Improve Clinical Control of Endocrine Dysfunction in Horses with PPID

    The most common root cause of laminitis in horse populations worldwide is some form of underlying endocrine dysfunction, with high blood insulin being the common feature that appears to directly lead to laminitis lesions in horses with Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, or Equine Cushings disease) or Equine Metabolic Syndrome.