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Penn Vet Extra - April 2016

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  • Bouncing Back: Clinical Trial Surgery Heals Husky
    Electric blue eyes locked on the ball, the striking Husky sprints, then leaps and pounces, to catch the ball as it hits the pavement. Watching 11-year-old Bai Bai move with such agility and speed is surprising, as just a year ago she underwent surgery to repair a torn ligament.
  • Weekend Interview: New Bolton Surgeons
    The veterinarians talk like it’s routine, or at least common, to slice into a horse’s shoulder, move muscles and nerves, find bone fragments, drop those fragments in a cup and put everything back together again.
  • Mandola the Wonder Horse
    The horse resides in a new, four-stall barn where he can see the various comings and goings – equine, human, vehicular – at Ashwell Stable. Park your car up that way, and he’ll almost always hang his head over the stall door. You pretty much have to say hello and give him a pat on the neck. For him, for you, for anyone who ever hurt. That’s just the way Mandola is.

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