Ryan Report

Ryan Report - Winter 2016
Ryan Hospital's e-newsletter for referring veterinarians.

Featured Articles

  • High-Grade Mast Cell Tumor: A Comprehensive Approach

    Chloe presented to Penn Vet’s Comprehensive Cancer Care service in June 2015 for an evaluation of several new masses. The nine-year-old female spayed Labradoodle with a history of mast cell tumors was evaluated by our expert team of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists. Together, they determined that surgery should be the first approach for Chloe.

  • Meet Penn Vet’s New Ophthalmologist: Dr. Keiko Miyadera, DVM, PhD
    Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital is pleased to welcome Dr. Keiko Miyadera to the Ophthalmology Service. Dr. Miyadera brings to Penn Vet a passion for genetic research and vast clinical expertise, which she developed during her residency at Penn Vet. According to Dr. Miyadera, “to be a really good researcher in a specific disease category, you need to be a good clinician.”