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2017 winners: (From left) Corey Spies, Brianna Parsons, Talia Wong, and Molly Klores

Student Inspiration Awards

Launched in 2008, the award is presented annually to Penn Vet students who demonstrate the potential to significantly advance the frontiers of veterinary medicine and expand the profession’s impact on the well-being of animals and society.

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Recipients of the Penn Vet Student Inspiration Award
Recipient  Project Title/Subject
Ellen Lapuck
"A Focus on Poultry: Reducing Morbidity and Mortality for Smallholder Farmers in Uganda, Phase II"
Brianna Parsons and Corey Spies
"The Gambia Goat Dairy, a Model System for Livestock Development in West Africa" 2018
Brianna Parsons and Corey Spies
“Gambia Goat Dairy – An Innovative Goat Milking Facility in Bwiam, The Gambia”
Molly Klores and Talia Wong
“Educating the Public: Bringing One Health to the Clinic”
Wendy Kuo
“Big Data and the Bacterial Microbiome”
Ellen Lapuck and Jane Karpowitz
“A Focus on Poultry: reducing morbidity and mortality for smallholder farmers in Uganda”
Christiana Fisher and Katherine Very
“International Animal Welfare and Public Policy”
Jonathan Madara
“One Health Media Fellowship Program”
Ashley Cherry and Meghana Pendurthi
“Penn Aquaponics Project – Fish Health and Production”
Nikhil Joshi
"Penn Vet Innovation Challenge"2013
Morgan Nabhan
“Darwin Animal Doctors"
Shannon Kerrigan and Audrey Barker
“Mere Saathi Summary”
Nikki Wright and Lisa Gretebeck
"AMAR Haiti - A Collaborative Project to Provide Animal Health Training and Goat Lending in Rural Haiti"
Jonathan Lustgarten
"Vision in creating a state-of-the-art, easily deployed veterinary health record system to help veterinarians and staff in caring for animals during disaster relief efforts"
Nikkita Patel and Brittany Gross
"Develop 'Veterinary Public Health 2.0' and build an after-school dairy program in Thailand aimed at educating and empowering girls"
Alison Barnstable and Laurel Redding
"Increasing Agricultural Productivity in Developing Countries" 2009
Catherine Brinkley
"Animal Facilities Design"
Warren Waybright "Global Medicine: Education: Partnership: Developing World"
Rachel Toaff-Rosenstein "Pursue PhD training in animal welfare science and become a veterinary leader in farm animal welfare issues, opening doors to work in both academia and field settings"

Past Projects

In the past, Student Inspiration Award winners have used the prize money to:

  • Develop a commercial aquaponics system at W.B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences
  • Establish an immersion experience for Penn Vet students at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise (IZS) in Teramo, Italy
  • Create a Dairy Education Center in Thailand to empower women farmers and spark international collaboration
  • Build a website and electronic medical record system to help veterinarians care for animals during disaster relief efforts and allow for tracking of animals throughout the process of rescue and recovery
  • Inform the public and policy makers about wildlife trade using Google Earth to illustrate unreported issues and the devastating impact they have on wildlife, humans, and ecosystems
  • Spark entrepreneurial activity in the veterinary industry through an innovation challenge