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We have all sorts of ways for you to get involved. And getting involved is the way to stay connected -- not just with your former classmates, but with the generations of Penn Vet alumni who graduated before and after you. Engage and you'll always feel a sense of fulfillment. Here's how...


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Alumni Ambassador

  • Become part of the Veterinary Alumni Ambassador Program. You will be provided with an Ambassador Training Packet and kept involved through the "Ambassador Now" newsletter that includes the latest news from the School as well as a calendar of opportunities to serve as an Ambassador. 
  • As an Ambassador you will:
    • Have opportunities to sign up to serve as an Alumni Ambassador at your choice of alumni events, receptions, conferences, the Farm Show, Science Festival and many more events.
    • Serve as an Ambassador for your city or town for VMD students and alumni relocating to your area.  As an ambassador you will serve as a contact for alumni or students moving to your town to help them feel welcomed and provide any tips and tricks for navigating their new surroundings.
  • Sign up today...

Alumni Career Coach

  • Remember being a third or fourth year veterinary student?  A lot has happened in your career since then.

    Think back to veterinary school… days filled with labs and exams and clinics, and all that knowledge to absorb.  While you were busy with academics, the question of “What should I do after graduation?” undoubtedly lingered.  Perhaps you benefited from the guidance of someone who helped you through these challenges – or perhaps you did it on your own, wishing there was someone with whom you could share ideas.

    Current students need advice and direction.  That's where you come in. 

    As a Career Coach, you will be listed as a VMD alumnus who welcomes current students contacting you with questions about your career path and your perspective on how to achieve success post-graduation.  Your responsibility will be to reply to student inquiries in a timely manner and to help them make the most of the Career Coach Network.
  • Why become a Career Coach? 
  • An Alumni Career Coach has the opportunity to interact in a very personal and positive way in the career choices of today’s veterinary students and the issues they confront.
  • Most of us can remember an individual we respected and admired who provided guidance to us. Many of today’s students do not have such positive role models to help shape their career choices during their formative years.
  • How the Program Works
  • Students can search the database and select member veterinarians that match their interests. Students will contact you directly.

    How do I sign up?

    Sign up by filling out our 'Alumni Career Coach' online form.
  • Or email or call Alumni Director Kristen McMullen for a copy of the enrollment form:  kmcmul@vet.upenn.edu or 215-898-1481.

Class Agent Team

  • As we glance through the yearbooks on the library shelves, we are reminded that behind all the studying and clinics was an amazing group of people.  Your class deserves the attention of a team to help organize communications, social gatherings, reunions and more.  Be part of the team that helps to do just that for your class – join your Class Agent Team today!

    Please fill out the form below to be part of your Class Agent Team.

Class Reunion Planning Committees

  • Reunions are such a wonderful way to reconnect with your classmates to reminisce, relive old times, and catch up on the latest news of about classmates.  Every class celebrates a formal reunion every 5 years and your class deserves a wonderful reunion celebration!  Be part of the team that helps to plan your next reunion – join your Reunion Planning Committee today.

    Please fill out this form to be part of your Reunion Planning Committee.

Day in the Life of a Penn Vet Alum

  • I have a confession.  

    They say “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  Well, when I started my job as alumni relations director with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary School I knew a lot about the field of alumni relations and I thought I knew a lot about veterinary medicine.  After a few months on the job, I realize I had no idea.

    What you as alumni do for animals large and small, human beings, our food system, medical research, governmental regulation and the future of all living things is nothing short of amazing.  This could sounds like an exaggeration to some people if they aren’t privy to the stories I hear on a daily basis.  So I said to myself…what can you do to learn more about what your alumni do every day?  What can you do to first hand share with current veterinary students the work the alumni of their program carry out?  What can you do to tell the story of some of the most amazing alumni I have ever met?

    From those questions came the birth of the “Day in the Life of a Penn Vet Alum” project.  As I step forward into this exciting project, I go with an open mind.  All I truly know is that it is going to be an adventure of learning and exploration and I just hope I do your stories justice.  I am open to any and all opportunities knowing that if I follow alumni doing the same work it won’t matter…each and every story will be unique.  
  • Kristen McMullen
    Director of Alumni Relations
  • What is involved with participation:

    • Be willing to have your alumni director, Kristen McMullen, shadow you for a full or ½ day during a mutually agreed upon time.  Shadowing entails going about your daily work describing what you do and having photos and video taken.  Kristen is willing to participate and assist as possible and appropriate.
    • Have your Day in the Life story used as part of the “Day in the Life of a Penn Vet Alum Blog” and website.
    Please fill out the Participation Interest Form for 'A Day in the Life of a Penn Vet Alum' Project.

Farm Show Volunteers

  • The 2014 Pennsylvania Farm Show opens in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday, January 4th and runs until Saturday, January 11th.   It is the largest indoor farm show in the world, and PENN Veterinary Medicine will again maintain a large exhibit booth designed to showcase the School’s work, its contributions to agriculture, and the role played by veterinary medicine in the ordinary citizen’s daily life.
    Volunteers are needed each day of the Farm Show to staff the Penn Vet booth and represent the School as its ambassadors.   Shifts are 9a – 1pm and 1pm – 5pm daily.   Alumni are warmly welcome as booth volunteers as their expertise as practitioners is eagerly sought to field questions that the public routinely asks about their farm and companion animals.  Alumni volunteers will be reimbursed for parking and mileage. 
  • Please contact Kristen McMullen, Director of Alumni Relations, to express your interest at kmcmul@vet.upenn.edu or 215-898-1481.   
  • Details will be shared at that time.  Thank you for your support.

Governmental Advocacy Alumni Network

  • Assist the Penn Veterinary Dean and the Office of Government and Community Affairs in communicating the needs of Penn Vet to the Pennsylvania government, state legislators, and members of Congress.  Governmental Advocacy Alumni Network members will be provided with information to help them become informed advocates in order to be pivotal players in addressing the issues that are important to the Penn Vet community.  No prior experience is necessary, simply a desire to help support your alma mater with your area legislators.

    Join the Governmental Advocacy Alumni Network today – please fill out our online form.

Kids Club

Resident & Intern Interest Group

  • The Alumni Relations office will be creating a variety of alumni interest groups based on veterinary interest areas as well as geographic locations.  Our first interest group is the Resident & Intern Interest Group.

    The Penn Vet Resident & Intern Interest Group provides a way for members of the Penn Vet Resident and Internship programs to stay connected with each other and program faculty, as well as, to interact with current interns and residents.

    To join the Resident & Intern Interest Group, please fill out our online form to receive relate communications.

MASH Unit Alumni Volunteers

  • The Penn Veterinary Alumni Office sponsors two MASH Units each year and we seek Alumni Volunteers to participate in these fun and important community events:
    • Penn Vet booth at the Philadelphia Science Festival Science Carnival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    • University of Pennsylvania Alumni Weekend Quaker Kids Events

    Penn Vet booth at the Philadelphia Science Festival Science Carnival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

    April, 2014 - 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (1 or 2 hour shift during this time frame)
    We are looking for volunteers who can assist with the following:

    Ask the Vet

    Clinicians are asked to field questions from the public and to be ambassadors for Penn Vet.  

    MASH Unit

      The Penn Vet booth will once again feature the popular M.A.S.H. Unit.  Volunteers will help our budding young veterinarians tape-up, wrap-up and heal stuffed animals!  All stuffed animals will be "pre-injured" and participating children will be able to take home a memento of their "surgical" experience with Penn Vet. All supplies will be provided.  Extensive surgical experience is not needed -- just the ability to tie ribbons and use vet-wrap creatively!
    To volunteer, please call Darleen Calahan at 215-746-2421 or email coles@vet.upenn.edu with your availability.

    University of Pennsylvania Alumni Weekend Quaker Kids Events

    MASH Unit 

    The Penn Alumni Weekend Quaker Kids activities will once again feature the popular M.A.S.H. Unit.  Volunteers will help our budding young veterinarians tape-up, wrap-up and heal stuffed animals!  All stuffed animals will be "pre-injured" and participating children will be able to take home a memento of their "surgical" experience with Penn Vet. All supplies will be provided.  Extensive surgical experience is not needed -- just the ability to tie ribbons and use vet-wrap creatively!

    To volunteer, please call Darleen Calahan at 215-746-2421 or email coles@vet.upenn.edu with your availability.

MLK Day of Service

  • We are seeking alumni volunteers to serve alongside Penn Vet students during our annual Martin Luther King Clinic for those who cannot afford veterinary care.
    Each year for the last four years, the School has run a small animal vaccination and wellness clinic as our contribution to the Martin Luther King Day of Service.  This clinic provides examinations and vaccinations to dogs and cats whose owners would otherwise not be able to afford veterinary care for their pets.  We have evaluated between 120 and 150 animals each year.  
    We need alumni to volunteer for the clinic.  This year it will be on Monday, January 20, 2014 starting between 8-8.30 am (the clinic runs from 9 am to 2 pm).  A greeter meets clients (appointments are scheduled).  Owners fill out a registration form and are taken to a room by volunteer students who evaluate the animals.  Vaccinations are given by students with supervision.  In past years we have seen 15-20 cases each hour between 9 am and 2 pm.  Lunch is provided.
    Please consider volunteering for the MLK Day of Service.  It is a wonderful experience and the vast majority of animals are healthy. 
  • Please contact us at kmcmul@vet.upenn.edu to volunteer and include your name, telephone number, email address, and hours available to volunteer.  Thank you!

Saluting Our Military Alumni

  • We would like to take time to salute our Penn Veterinary Alumni who have served or are serving in the military.  We honor and respect you as you serve our country.  Thank you.
  • Are you serving or have you served in the military? 
  • Please send us your story of service at kmcmul@vet.upenn.edu.  We welcome you to include a photo.

Speakers Bureau

  • The Penn Veterinary Speaker’s Bureau will be a resource when groups are seeking speakers for events, meetings and programs. 
  • Speakers Bureau members will have the opportunity to speak in their geographic area to local schools, civic groups, alumni events and other programs that are seeking a veterinary speaker. 
  • Members of the Speakers Bureau will receive a packet of information to guide them as well as resources to help with presentations.
  • Please fill out our online 'Penn Vet Speakers Bureau' form.

Student Spay & Neuter Supervisor

  • This volunteer opportunity is for graduates who are interested in helping to shape the way future veterinarians spay and neuter small animals. 
  • Volunteer veterinarians will come to the Philadelphia animal shelter on a Monday and/or Friday and supervise students through some of their first spays and neuters on dogs. 
  • A nurse and first-year rotating intern from the University of Pennsylvania will be present to help the volunteer veterinarian supervise the student surgeries and take charge of all administrative and logistical work. 
  • Volunteers will be asked to be present at the Animal Care and Control Team headquarters at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue from 9 am through 3 pm on the days they are scheduled to volunteer. 
  • If interested, please contact Rachael Kreisler at kreisler@vet.upenn.edu.

Support SCAVMA Auction

  • Every December the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA) open the doors of the Vernon and Shirley Hill Pavillion to students, alumni, family and community members for its annual SCAVMA Auction.

    Alumni are encouraged to support the SCAVMA Auction through the donation of an auction item.   Past donations have included weekend getaways, tickets to sporting events and concerts, gift certificates to restaurants, artwork, hand-crafted items, gift baskets, etc.  Be creative!  Every donation makes a difference!  To donate an item, please fill out the form below and contact us at kmcmul@vet.upenn.edu to make arrangements for delivery.
  • Alumni are also invited to join us for the Alumni Wine and Cheese Hour prior to the auction.  Following the Alumni Wine and Cheese, food and beverage are available for purchase as you peruse the silent auction.  The live auction begins at 7:00pm.  
  • All proceeds from the event sponsor educational opportunities for the current students of Penn Vet.  With your help, SCAVMA can continue to help build the careers of veterinarians as they protect our pets, our food supply and our own health.
  • To take part in our SCAVMA Auction, please fill out our online form.