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The Dean's Alumni Council

The mission of the Dean’s Alumni Council is to work closely with the Gilbert S. Kahn Dean of Veterinary Medicine and Office of Advancement, Alumni Relations, and Communications on various projects to connect alumni, students, and the public to the Penn Vet community for the purpose of alumni engagement and stewardship, community ambassadorship and student interactions.
Dean's Alumni Council Members
Deans Alumni Council, Charles Arensburg Charles C. Arensberg, V'03
Equine practice
Deans Alumni Council, Gregg Arbittier Gregg Arbittier, V'06
Deans Alumni Council, Heather Berst Heather A. Berst, V'00*
Deans Alumni Council, Liz Bale
Liz Bales, V'00
Small animal practice/
Lisa Brody, V'16 Deans Alumni Council, Nancy Brown Nancy Brown, V'73
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Mary Bryant Mary Bryant, V'95
Deans Alumni Council, Dennis Burkett Dennis E. Burkett, V'84
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Gia Croce Gia Croce, V'92
Shelter medicine

Kristin L. Dance, V98*
  Henry L. Croft, Jr. V'78  
Deans Alumni Council, Camille DeClementi Camille DeClementi, V'94
Deans Alumni Council, Adam Denish Adam Denish, V'93
Deans Alumni Council, Ian Driben Ian J. Driben, V'05
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Diane Eigner Diane Eigner, V'80
Feline practitioner

Andrew H. Elser, V'87
Equine practice
Deans Alumni Council, Susan Emeigh Hart Susan G. Emeigh Hart, V'83*
Deans Alumni Council, Lawrence Gerson Lawrence J. Gerson, V'75
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Sam Gilbert
Sam Gilbert, V'15
Deans Alumni Council, Elaine Hammell Elaine P. Hammel, V'60
Captain Victoria Hampshire
Victoria Hampshire, V'88
Public Health
Deans Alumni Council, Nathan Harvey Nathan D. Harvey, V'03
Mixed animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Peter Herman
Peter H. Herman, V'69*
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Susan Irene Jacobson
Susan Irene Jacobson, V'77*
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Charlotte Miller Keenan
Charlotte Miller Keenan, V'77
Deans Alumni Council, Charles Koenig Charles W. Koenig, V'57
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Howard Krum Howard Krum, V'92
  Laurie Landeau, V'84, WG'84
Aquatic medicine
Deans Alumni Council, Daniel Lanz
Daniel Lantz, V'13
Small animal practice 
Deans Alumni Council, John Lewis John Lewis, V'97
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Patrick Mahaney Patrick A. Mahaney, V'99
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Eileen Mera Eileen Louise Mera, V'86*
Small animal
Dr. Nathanael Oster

Nathanael A. Oster MA, V’12

Deans Alumni Council, Scott Palmer Scott E. Palmer, V'76
Equine practice
Deans Alumni Council, Dominick Pulice
Dominick A. Pulice, V'86*
Small animal practice

Lindsay Shreiber V'91

Deans Alumni Council, William Solomon
William J. Solomon, V'68*
Equine practice
Deans Alumni Council, Sheldon Steinberg
Sheldon A. Steinberg, V'59, GRM'67*
Robert W. Stewart, Jr., V'99*
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Brenda Stewart Brenda Lewis Stewart, V'70*
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, James Stewart James V. Stewart, V'68*
Equine practice
Deans Alumni Council, Raymond Stock Raymond Stock, V'75, GGS'02*
Felix Vega, V'85
Research and biotechnology
Erin D. Vicari, V'97
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Marilyn Weber Marilyn B. Weber, V'75*
Small animal practice
Deans Alumni Council, Jacob Werner Jacob R. Werner, V'00*
Deans Alumni Council, Jeffrey Wortman
Jeffrey A. Wortman, V'69

About DAC Member: Dr. Liz Bales

Liz Bales 

When she graduated in 2000 with a concentration in Equine Medicine, she had no idea that 16 years later she would be the founder and CEO of a start-up company striving to fulfill the environmental enrichment needs of indoor cats.  She notes, “It has been a long and winding road, and each step along the way has been a whole lot of fun.”

As a student, she spent most of her clinic time at New Bolton Center with Dean Richardson who she says she can still hear during stressful cases ranting “Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy!”, Jim Orsini and the Drs. Sweeney.   Much to her surprise, she found herself enjoying her time at the Ryan Hospital in small animal medicine and behavior.

The pull to small animal medicine was strong.  Her equine career lasted less than a year.  With her Penn education in hand and virtually no practical experience, she was taken on by a terrific family practice of Penn grads in Delaware who were kind and patient and showed her the ropes.  She considers herself lucky to still work with the sister/brother team of Courtney Manetti V’99 and Luke Jones V’05 in the practice their late father, Southard Jones V’71 started in 1978.

During these years, she continued her interest in behavior - specifically feline behavior.  She has attended CE and studied the work of the great veterinary behaviorists, and noticed a common theme that feline environmental enrichment is key to wellness for the indoor cat.  Unfortunately, she often struggled to advise my clients on quality products to buy to fill these needs and instead offered suggestions to home-make them instead.

In October 2014, she attended a particularly robust feline behavior CE at the ACVC in Atlantic City.  On the drive back to Philadelphia, she was ruminating on the terrific environmental enrichment information that she was taught, and working out how she would make recommendations to her clients.  Again, she was frustrated with the lack of easily available solutions to implement the strategies of this critical piece of feline care.  Exactly then, as she crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge from NJ to PA, an idea was born.  She would do it herself!

With a very able group of entrepreneurs, she founded The Feline Environmental Enrichment Design Company (FEED Co), and began working on her first project. As a student, she had been taught that indoor cats should hunt for their food, not eat from a bowl.  This was confirmed in every behavior CE thereafter, and yet there was nothing available on the market to simulate the hunting experience, in the way nature intended, for the indoor cat.  FEED Co’s first product, The NoBowl Feeding System, launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 10, 2016.  With this cute, clean, easy to use system, indoor cats can gently transition from bowl feeding to indoor hunting, using the dry food that they are already eating.  To learn more about the product visit

In addition to FEED Co, Dr. Bales is on a mission to bring the important information of feline behavior, wellness and environmental enrichment to cat owners everywhere.  She has a blog at, is a regular contributor to Catvington Post and Cat Talk Magazine, and was recently featured in the Huffington Post

She is thrilled to be a new member of the Dean’s Alumni Council and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!