Staff Veterinarian, PennVet University of Pennsylvania

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Clinical Specialties: Hemodialysis, Extracorporeal therapies, Nephrology, Urology,

Contact Information:
3900 Delancey St
 Phone 215-898-3349
 Fax 215-573-4617
 Email fosterjo@vet.upenn.edu

Internal medicine, Hemodialysis, Extracorporeal therapies, Nephrology, Urology

Dr. Foster is a veterinary internist with clinical and research interests in nephrology and urology. He is the director of the hemodialysis and extracorporeal therapy program at PennVet. He is interested in evaluation of patients with all aspects of kidney and urinary tract disease. Dr. Foster performed prior research on immune-mediated polyarthritis, and is currently investigating new therapies for renal disease, biomarkers of renal injury, and nontraditional uses of hemodialysis.

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Foster Jonathan D, Trepanier Lauren A, Ginn Jennifer A Use of linezolid to treat MRSP bacteremia and discospondylitis in a dog. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 50: 53-8, 2014.

Foster Jonathan D, Hartmann Faye A, Moriello Karen A A case of apparent canine erysipeloid associated with Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae bacteraemia. Veterinary dermatology 23: 528-e108, 2012.

Foster Jonathan D, Pinkerton Marie E Bilateral ureteropelvic junction stenosis causing hydronephrosis and renal failure in an adult cat. Journal of feline medicine and surgery 14: 938-41, 2012.

BS (Biology) University of Pittsburgh, 2003

VMD (Veterinary Medicine) University of Pennsylvania, 2007