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Professor, Oncology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology)

European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-CA (oncology)

Clinical Specialties: Medical Oncologist, Chemotherapy,
Research Areas: Canine cancer, Mammary and prostatic cancers, Cancer, Canine hemangiosarcoma, Oncology,

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3900 Delancey Street

Karin Sorenmo: Research interest and clinical skills: As a practicing veterinary oncologist my research interests span across a relatively wide range of cancers, both in dogs and cats, for which there is currently insufficient understanding of the biological behavior and/or inadequate treatments available. The focus of my clinical research and publications so far include characterization of mammary and prostatic cancers and these tumors’ hormonal association, canine hemangiosarcoma; and more lately I have focused on immunotherapy and how to utilize cancer vaccines in animals with naturally occurring tumors. Spontaneous diseases including cancer in dogs and cats are unique resources in cancer research and can be utilized to study cancer biology and the response to novel therapies in natural, immuno-competent, realistic and relevant tumor models. Such research provides our veterinary patients access to new and potentially effective treatments while providing human cancer research reliable information for their patients. The oncology section in currently actively engaged is several of these types of collaborative trials both with colleagues at the medical school as well as other academic institutions.

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The Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway, 1983

Mare Agricultural School, 1977

Ytre Namdal videregaende skole (High School), 1976