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Professor Emeritus, Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Areas: Lysosomal storage disease, Animal models of human genetic diseases, Inherited diseases, Lysosomal enzymes, Mucopolysaccharidoses(MPS) I, Mucopolysaccharidoses(MPS) IIIB, Mucopolysaccharidoses(MPS) VI, Mucopolysaccharidoses(MPS) VII, Mannosidosis, Krabbe disease, Neimann Pick C, Mucolipidosis II, Fucosidosis
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4020 Ryan/Vet
3900 Delancey St

Research Interests
Discovery, characterization, and therapy of large animal models of human genetic disease.

Key words: Dog, cat, lysosomal storage disease.

Description of Research
In collaboration with others, a series of metabolic diseases caused by deficient enzyme activities are being studied, including mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) I, VI, and VII (alpha-L-iduronidase, 4-sulfatase, and ß-glucuronidase deficiencies, respectively), alpha mannosidosis (alpha-mannosidase deficiency), I-cell disease (N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase), Krabbe disease (galactosylceramidase), and acute intermittent porphyria (PBG-deaminase deficiency). Five of these diseases are lysosomal storage disorders with clinical phenotypes in the animals that are the same as in affected children. Experiments include administering recombinant human alpha-L-iduronidase intravenously to cats with MPS I and gene therapy using retroviral and AAV vectors. The gene therapy experiments are being performed in MPS I cats and dogs, MPS VI cats, and MPS VII dogs using the species-specific cDNAs except feline MPS I. The somatic cell gene therapy experiments include a) intraocular injections of AAV-4-sulfatase vector virus in MPS VI cats, b) neonatal intravenous retrovirus gene therapy in MPS I and VI cats, MPS I dogs, and MPS VII dogs, and c) intramuscular AAV vectors containing the feline 4S cDNA and human SUMF-1 cDNA.

Rotation Projects
Please see Dr. Haskins.

Lab personnel:
Thomas O'Malley, Lab Research Specialist
Ping Wang, Lab Reseach Specialist
Ulana Prociuk, Lab Research Specialist
Angie Huff , Lab Reseach Specialist
Patty O'Donnell, Animal Research Specialist
Karyn Cullen, Animal Technician



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BA (Pre-Vet) Pennsylvania State University, 1966

VMD (Veterinary Medicine) University of Pennsylvania, 1969

MS (Biomedical Engineering) Drexel University, 1974

Ph.D (Pathology) University of Pennsylvania, 1979