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 A Chopra, ME Murray, F Byfield, M Mendez, R Halleluyan, D Restle, D Raz-Ben Aroush, PA Galie, K Pogoda, R. Bucki, C Marcinkiewicz, GD Pretwich, T. Zarembinski, CS Chen, Ellen Puré, JY Kresh, and PA Jamney (2103). Augmentation of integrin-mediated mechanotransduction by hylauronic acid (2013[) Biomaterials, in press 

Sweeney E, Roberts D, Lin A, Guldberg R & Jacenko O (2013). Defective endochondral ossification-derived matrix and bone cells alter the lymphopoietic niche in Collagen X mouse models. Stem Cells Dev. epub ahead of print.

Recent Faculty Articles

New 'Titan'

Doctoral student Liguo Li and professor Peter Dodson of Vet and Earth and Environmental Science have described a new, long-necked dinosaur species found in China.  Read more about Dr. Dodson's findings...

Neurological Risk

Research led by Tracy Bale of Penn Vet and Penn Medicine points to two ways that mothers may pass effects of stress on to their offspring: through the birth canal and the placenta. Read more about Dr. Bale's research on stress...

Penn Vet Study Identifies New Trigger for Breast Cancer Metastasis

The study was led by the Penn School of Veterinary Medicine’s Manti Guha, a senior research investigator, and Narayan Avadhani, Harriet Ellison Woodward Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Animal Biology. Read more about the Avadhani Lab's research on breast cancer metastasis...