• partner1
      Partner, Poster Horse for Colic Surgery

      Partner had colicked before, but the gelding’s primary veterinarian could manage his symptoms. This time was different. The Kentucky Mountain Horse immediately rolled after a post-ride bath. Clearly in pain, he was sweating, pawing the ground, trying to go down, simply inconsolable.

    • india8
      The Center for Animal Health and Productivity: On a (Milk) Mission in India

      Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center is recognized as a valuable ally of the dairy and agriculture industries in Pennsylvania. And this reputation, as well as Penn Vet’s reach and impact, are continuing to spread rapidly around the world.

    • Dylan

      • Registered Name: Cher Car's Dylan PennVetWDC
      • Breed: Dutch Shepherd
      • DOB: Aug 08, 2015
      • Gender: Male
      • Neutered: No
      • Kennel: Cher Car Kennels
      • Foster: Jeremy Cress, Stephanie Yuhasz and Jessica Monkoski
      • Pedigree: Download Pedigree
      • Legacy: Named in honor of Dylan (Handler Darren Bobrosky) who deployed to the World Trade Center following the attacks of 9/11.
      • Job:

    • king-icu
      In Memoriam: Dr. Lesley King, Pioneer in Veterinary Critical Care

      Dr. Lesley King, Professor of Critical Care, was a founder and pillar of critical care at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) and beyond. She was instrumental in the development of the veterinary intensive care specialty, particularly in expanding and refining mechanical ventilation.

    • Dr. Midge Leitch, New Bolton Center
      In Memoriam: Midge Leitch, VMD

      Dr. Leitch was in the vanguard of women entering veterinary medicine and one of the first to do a surgical residency at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center after graduating from the School in 1973.

    • In Memoriam: Charles W. Raker, VMD

      Dr. Raker was a giant of equine veterinary medicine, renowned as a great surgeon, an adroit, gracious teacher, and a compassionate, caring clinician. His professional career spanned 43 years, and even in retirement he remained actively involved at Penn Vet.

    • Dr. Ben Martin, New Bolton Center
      In Memoriam: Benson (Ben) Bennett Martin, Jr., VMD

      Dr. Martin was a pioneer in sports medicine and specialist in equine surgery, working his entire 34-year veterinary career at New Bolton Center, the large animal hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet).

    • Dr. Staudenmeier and a kinkajou
      Anne Staudenmaier V'15

      Anne Staudenmaier V’15 is the current exotics intern (soon to be resident) at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, MA.

    • James Kusmierczyk and Erin Scott at Cameron Park Zoo
      How a Gerenuk Reunited Two Friends

      Drs. Scott and Kusmierczyk are both graduates of the class of 2010. They reunited for the first time since graduation to evaluate the gerenuk with an ocular condition. They were both active members of the Special Species Club at U Penn as veterinary students.

    • Shirely Yeo Lizo and Sloth
      Shirley Yeo Lizo - Zoo Vet

      Read about Dr. Shirley Yeo Lizo's journey from small animal practitioner to Zoo Vet.

    • ICU After First Surgery_tp
      Another Chance - Brianna's Story

      When Sally Steinmetz first brought her cat to Penn Vet, she thought nine-year-old Brianna was dying. Her rescued cat had two large masses, one in her cheek and one in her chest.

    • Canine Megaesophagus - Charlie's Story

      When David Tinsch took his newly rescued Golden Doodle, Charlie, to a rural 24/7 emergency vet he knew something was wrong but wasn’t prepared for the grave reality.


    • Princess, the condor
      The Royal Treatment: Penn Vet-Philadelphia Zoo Collaboration Restores Condor's Sight

      Princess wasn’t acting like herself. The Andean condor, one of the Philadelphia Zoo’s oldest animal residents, wasn’t flying and was eating less. Lead Bird Keeper Toni Flowers noticed the changes. “It also seemed like she had vision problems.”

    • tegan3
      Field Service Team Solves Post-Foaling Emergency

      The flashy Gypsy Vanner mare foaled when no one was watching, but all seemed well, the colt still wet when the barn crew arrived just after dawn. Soon he was up and nursing.

    • Farrah
      Finding Farrah a Forever Home

      Farrah, a six-year-old German Shepherd mix, was brought to the Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals in March of 2012 as a stray. She was named after Ms. Fawcett for her charming good looks.

      While at the shelter, Farrah exhibited repeated behaviors such as barking, jumping, spinning, and tail biting, making her an excellent candidate for a new partnership between Francisvale and the Animal Behavior Service at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital.

    • Lexi
      MRI the Key to Diagnosing Lexi's Lameness

      While in their second dressage show together, Caitlin MacGuinness noticed that her new mount, Lagato, seemed to be a bit lame on the right front leg, but only when turned sharply to the right.

    • Bill 36
      Goat SOS: Navy Mascot Needs New Bolton Center

      On a warm September evening, a dozen members of the U.S. Naval Academy leadership, including the Commandant of Midshipmen, were gathered on an expansive lawn, anticipating the arrival of the guests of honor. Those guests? A pair of young goats, Bill 35 and Bill 36, the new mascots for the Academy football team.

    • leptospirosis story
      Leptospirosis: Cause for Concern

      Pan was glowing in the dark. He was so jaundiced, it looked like someone had scrubbed him with iodine and forgotten to wash it off. His eyes, face, and ears were yellow.

    • Liz Bale-crop
      Dr. Liz Bales

      When she graduated in 2000 with a concentration in Equine Medicine, she had no idea that 16 years later she would be the founder and CEO of a start-up company striving to fulfill the environmental enrichment needs of indoor cats. 

    • jeglum
      Dr. Jeglum

      K. Ann Jeglum V’77, Diplomate ACVIM, Oncology-Adjunct Associate Professor, The Wistar Institute, received the 2015 Veterinarian of the Year - AKC Canine Health Foundation Special Industry Award presented at the 61st Annual Purina Pro Plan Show Dogs of the Year Awards event.