• Meghana Pendurthi-PIADC
      The Definition of a "Real" Vet

      When I tell my friends and family members what I would like to do when I graduate from Penn Vet, oftentimes I am met with the question, “Don’t you want to be a real vet?”

    • Lewis
      500 Days and Counting

      Lewis, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, qualified for the prestigious 2013 Master National hunt test in Kansas. As part of his final preparation, Lewis ran the first series of a master hunt test before the competition as a confidence builder. He nailed it.

    • Mirabel
      Golden Girl

      Getting old is hard to do, especially if you are a homeless 10-year-old mutt with health problems.

    • Dentistry story
      Dentistry That Makes a Difference

      Dr. Maria Soltero-Rivera’s unexpected path leads to inspiring outcomes.

    • Dr. Kendra Bence
      Dr. Kendra Bence and Team Piece Together Signaling Pathway Leading to Obesity

      As scientists probe the molecular underpinnings of why some people are prone to obesity and some to leanness, they are discovering that weight maintenance is more complicated than the old “calories in, calories out” adage.

    • Dual Certification story
      Determination Leads to Dual Certification

      Board certified in both neurology and large animal internal medicine, Penn Vet’s Amy Johnson is in demand at New Bolton Center.

    • My Special Girl and colt, Penn Vet, New Bolton Center, Foal Cam
      The Birth of a Foal: What We Look For and What We Do

      Trying to pinpoint a mare’s foaling date is challenging because the mare’s gestation period is one of the most variable, stretching from 10 ½ to 13 months. The average gestation is about 11 months. What happens when the big day comes? And what should you be looking for?

    • Charlie
      Angel Boy - AKA Charlie

      I was so relieved when animal control officers picked me up. My nose was bleeding and I felt really sick. I wasn’t getting any better at the ACCT shelter, and the vets suspected that I had ingested rat poison.

    • midnight2

      Midnight was surrendered to ACCT because her owners could not afford to care for her when she became ill. Midnight tested positive for parvovirus at the shelter and was subsequently admitted to Ryan Hospital.

    • Bella
      Bella - AKA Betty White

      I was brought to ACCT as a stray. I wasn’t feeling well at all. The nice people at the shelter ran some tests to find out what was wrong. It turns out that I had parvovirus.

    • Amore

      ​Amore was two months old, hit by a car, and a stray. ​Penn Vet doctors from Shelter Medicine, Imaging, Intensive Care, Neurology, and Internal Medicine came together to ​try to save ​her.

    • Boomer

      When I was seven months old, I was brought to ACCT as a stray.

    • Mr Roper
      Mister Roper

      When I joined my brothers at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, I felt so sick.

    • Ralph
      Ralph - AKA Stout

      Just like my brothers, I had a bad reaction to my vaccines.

    • diver

      I was only five months old when my brothers and I were surrendered to the Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) of Philadelphia.

    • Larry Dallas1
      Larry Dallas

      Along with my brother, Diver, I came to Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital because I was having seizures and vomiting after my vaccinations.

    • Pookie, breast cancer survivor
      Pookie, Cancer Survivor

      Pookie was saved from euthanasia at the last minute.

    • Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer
      Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer Named Medical Director of New Bolton Center

      Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer, the new Medical Director of New Bolton Center, brings the art of multi-tasking to a new level. For her, managing many challenges simultaneously, and successfully, is a signature characteristic.


    • equine microbiome
      New Bolton Center Researchers Study Effect of Equine Microbiome on Colic

      The role of the equine microbiome in colic is the focus of new research at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center.

      Researchers are analyzing microbiome data from horses undergoing surgery, comparing horses given antimicrobials to horses that were not given antimicrobials. Preliminary data shows antimicrobials have a significant effect on the equine microbiome.

    • donkey
      Giant Donkey with Laminitis Saved by Sling and Surgery

      With great sadness, Susan Yates walked out of the barn and headed to the house to call the vet. It was time to put down the big donkey she had just adopted five days earlier.