• case1
      New Bolton Center Saves Champion's Legacy

      The news was shocking, and devastating. A champion Paso Fino stallion in his prime suffered catastrophic heart failure and could not be saved.

    • The Nearly Lethal Lily

      It was one lick of a lily that set in motion Elvis’ roller coaster ride.

      For Valentine’s Day, Bob Armstrong bought a lovely bouquet of flowers for his wife, Paula. Among the beautiful blooms were a handful of lilies. What Bob and Paula didn’t know is that lilies are highly toxic to cats. After merely licking one of the lilies, Elvis fell ill.

    • Holden Finds Hope at Ryan Hospital

      Anthony Cirado took a break from unpacking to run a quick errand near his new home in Voorhees, NJ. During that 30 minutes, his four-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, Holden, decided to explore the boxes in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the item that appealed most to Holden was a large bottle of Ibuprofen.

    • multimedia_sm
      Penn Focus: Visit Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital

      Walk through the doors of Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital and it becomes immediately clear this is no ordinary place. The hospital is open 24/7, handles more than 31,000 patient visits a year, and staffs nearly 400 veterinary professionals.

    • eph-liz
      Field Service Vet Brings Own Horse to New Bolton Center

      When field service veterinarian Dr. Liz Arbittier saw her horse, Ephraim, stagger unexpectedly out of his stall, she brought him to New Bolton Center at the first opportunity.

    • hardest-core8
      Success After Surgery: Pen Vet Patient Qualifies for Prestigious Race

      Watching Thoroughbred Hardest Core power past his champion competitors to win a million-dollar race is thrilling, but even more so considering that he underwent emergency life-saving surgery just eight months earlier.

    • Calvin jumping at an event
      Thoroughbred Undergoing Cancer Treatment Competes at Devon Horse Show

      One of the competitors at the Devon Horse Show this year was an unlikely Thoroughbred champion currently undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center.

    • Liam nine
      Lameness 911: Police Horse Treated by New Bolton Center

      Liam, a 13-year-old Draft horse cross, is one of four horses in the Lancaster City Mounted Police Unit. He did not respond to immediate treatment prescribed by his local veterinarian, so he was referred to Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center.

    • botulism
      Penn Vet’s Research Defines Botulism Survival Rates in Adult Horses

      Veterinarians at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center have completed important research on botulism in horses, showing that adult horses that maintain the ability to stand on their own have a much better rate of survival in a hospital setting than those that lose the ability to stand.

    • zippy-th
      Zebra Regrows Hoof at New Bolton Center

      The combination of a custom prosthetic hoof, bold surgical techniques, and seven months of round-the-clock care at New Bolton Center made it possible for a unique patient to regrow an entire hoof.

    • colic2
      New Bolton Center Surgical Technique Prevents Recurrence of Colic

      New research shows that a minimally invasive surgical technique developed at New Bolton Center for horses prevents the recurrence of colic caused by entrapment of the large colon.

    • sitting2
      Children's Hospital Nurse Bridges Animal and Human Medicine

      Caring for foals is remarkably similar to caring for babies, if you are an operating room nurse. So Laura Ramspacher discovered when she became a “foal sitter” at New Bolton Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

    • Aged Appaloosa Saved by New Bolton Center Research Study

      Fire, an aging Appaloosa stallion, gets a new lease on life after enrollment in New Bolton Center study on fertility.

    • Bocelli
      Bocelli Gets His Voice Back: Quick Thinking Saves Parrot’s Life

      Under pressure to save a life, veterinarians at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital found a creative solution that not only gave an African grey parrot a second chance, but also had him on his feet and talking again within a day.

    • redding_th
      Laurel Redding: Monitoring Antibiotic Use on Andean Farms

      What Redding found is telling of the challenges of making a living in these remote and often impoverished areas, and of the significant role that veterinarians can play in protecting animal and human health around the world.

    • Boone with Alice
      Foal Cam Colt Boone Needs, Recovers With New Bolton Center’s Care

      The critical-care team that responded to the emergency knew and loved the five-month-old patient arriving at New Bolton Center on a rainy Saturday night.

    • cherrypit-th
      Life's Not Always a Bowl of Cherries

      On a sunny day in late June, Rocky the French bulldog ate some wild cherries in his backyard. What seemed like an innocuous event at the time was the start of a six-week ordeal that brought two-year-old Rocky to multiple veterinarians, each trying to find the cause of his mysterious symptoms.

    • maxine-pve
      Helping Tendons Heal Faster

      When Leonard Francesco's yellow Labrador Retriever, Maxine, jumped to catch a ball and landed funny on her back leg, it was clear to her primary care veterinarian what the problem was: she had injured her common calcaneal tendon, also known as the Achilles tendon.

    • Microbes in Alcoholic Liver Disease, Sepsis, and Periodontal Disease

      Through Penn Vet’s Center for Host-Microbial Interactions, researchers are exploring the microbiome of animals in order to benefit both animal and human health. Three new studies will explore how microbes impact alcoholic liver disease, infections caused by Salmonella, and periodontal disease. These projects are funded by a generous gift from Robert and Hope Sheft.

    • Nero, Ryan patient
      From Diagnosis to Recovery: Nero Fights Cancer

      Few things are as devastating and scary for pet owners as a cancer diagnosis for their beloved pet. And that is exactly how Nancy and Gary Lewis felt when they received the news that their 13-year-old Golden Retriever/Black Labrador mix, Nero, had a soft tissue sarcoma on his right front leg.