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New Bolton Center Imaging Team

Meet the team of certified faculty, clinicians, and veterinary technicians who comprise the New Bolton Center Imaging Team.

Dr. Virginia Reef, Penn Vet
  • Cardiology, Ultrasonography, Sports Medicine and Imaging
  • Board Certifications: Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Christopher Ryan
  • Board Certifications: Veterinary Practitioners, Veterinary Radiology
Dr. Olga Seco, New Bolton Center
  •  Olga Seco, MRCVS
Dr. JoAnn Slack
  • Cardiology, Ultrasonography
  • Board Certification: Internal Medicine
Dr. Claire Underwood van Eps, New Bolton Center
Dr. Kathryn Wulster, New Bolton Center
  • Equine Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Board Certification: Veterinary Radiology
Cardiology/Ultrasound Fellow
Dr. Sydney Gibson, New Bolton Center
  • Sydney Gibson, DVM
  • Resident Fellow, Large Animal Cardiology & Ultrasonography
Radiology/Imaging Residents
Dr. Emily Burke, Penn Vet
  • Emily Burke, DVM
  • Resident
 Dr. Emily Elser, Penn Vet
Dr. Timothy Manzi, Penn Vet
  • Timothy Manzi, VMD
  • Resident
 Dr. Trevor Morimoto, Penn Vet Radiology
 Dr. Adam Schlax, Penn Vet Radiology
Sports Medicine & Imaging Veterinary Technicians
Carole Johnson, New Bolton Center
  • Carole Johnson, RTR
  • Director, Imaging & Clinical Service
  • Sports Medicine & Imaging

Gloria Ballinger, LVT, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center
  •  Gloria Ballinger
  • Cardiology
  • Ultrasound


Katie Minacci, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center
  • Kate Minacci
  • Radiology
  • Treadmill
  • Sports Medicine

  • 610-925-6490
Jan Ramberger, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center
  • Jan Ramberger, BS, RTR
  • Radiology and MRI

Jackie Seila, New Bolton Center
  •  Jacquie Seila
  • Sports Medicine
  • Treadmill
  • Nuclear Medicine

Vivian Stacy, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center
  • Vivian Stacy, CNMT 
  • Nuclear Medicine

Jane Tyrie, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center
  • Jane Tyrie
  •  Sports Medicine & Imaging Technician