Large Animal Medicine Clinical Team

Our large animal internal medicine team comprises board-certified faculty/clinicians, nurses and technicians, as well as residents, interns and students. We take pride in providing excellent care and a compassionate environment for our clients and patients.


Clinical Team
  Name Clinical Interests
Ray Sweeney, VMD, Penn Vet, medicine  Ray Sweeney, VMD, Section Chief, DACVIM (LA Internal Medicine) Internal Medicine
Jon Palmer, VMD, Penn Vet, medicine Jon Palmer, VMD, DACVIM (LA Internal Medicine) Internal Medicine 
Rose Nolen-Walston, Penn Vet, medicine  Rose Nolen-Walston, DVM, DACVIM (LA Internal Medicine)  Internal Medicine
Amy Johnson, Penn Vet, medicine  Amy Johnson, DVM, DACVIM (LA Internal Medicine, Neurology)  Neurology
 Laura Johnstone, Penn Vet, medicineLaura Johnstone, BVSc Internal Medicine 
  Neil Mittelman, DVM
 Internal Medicine
 Emilie Setlakwe, Penn Vet, medicine Emilie Setlakwe, DVM Internal Medicine