Our Clinical Team

The clinical team for the Friends of New Bolton Center Foal Cam project comprises board-certified faculty from both the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the section of Reproduction at New Bolton Center, staff veterinarians, residents, students, and our expert certified nursing staff.         

Clinical Team

Name Title & Clinical Section
Role in Foal Project
Regina Turner, VMD, DACT, NBC Reproduction
  • Associate Professor, Reproduction & Behavior
  • Interim Section Chief, Reproduction & Behavior

  • Coordinated FoalCam team, recovered eggs from ovaries, froze semen from donor stallion.
Tamara Dobbie, DVM, NBC Hoffman Center 
  • Director, Hoffman Center
  • Staff Veterinarian, Large Animal Reproduction

  • Recovered eggs from ovaries, transferred fertilized eggs to My Special Girl.
Penn Vet, Dr. Kristina Whitesell, Reproduction 
  • Resident, Large Animal Reproduction

  • Recovered eggs from ovaries, assisted with transfer of fertilized eggs.
Jon Palmer, VMD, Penn Vet, medicine
  • Chief of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Director of Neonatal/Perinatal Program
  • Neonatology specialist managing care for My Special Girl and her foal while in NICU
 Dr. Emilie Setlakwe, NICU ResidentEmilie Setlakwe, DVM, MSc
 Resident, Medicine
Dr. Rose Nolen-Watson, DVM, Large Animal Medicine  
  • Assistant Professor, Medicine

  • Specialist in internal medicine. Will adopt My Special Girl's foal. Active member of the Chester County horse and eventing community.