Meet Our Patient Care Technicians

 A PCT, or Patient Care Technician, is equivalent to a nursing assistant. As the name implies, this group of outstanding individuals aid in the care of the hospital patients. Our PCTs are responsible for feeding and grooming the patients as well as helping students, nurses, and clinicians with procedures and treatments throughout the day.

PCTs are all highly skilled large animal handlers, and are prepared to handle anything from a racehorse off the track, a breeding stallion, a foal, a pocket pig, a beef cow with calf, or anything else that walks through the door.

PCTs are responsible for admitting patients to the hospital, including assisting with emergency admissions. During the admissions process, the PCT catalogs equipment brought with the patient, and confirms feeding orders with the owner or clinician. On the flipside, the PCT also discharges patients from the hospital, ensuring that all equipment is returned with the patient, medications are provided if prescribed by the veterinarian, and also makes sure that the owner is comfortable with the discharge instructions.

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What's a CVT?

A Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT):

  • Has graduated from an AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program
  • Passed the veterinary technician national examination
  • Maintains certification by completing continuing education as determined by the state Board of Veterinary Medicine

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Meet Our Patient Care Technicians

New Bolton Center Patient Care Technicians

Joy Crothers
Joy has over 7 years experience at New Bolton. Joy was a dairy farmer before coming to work at New Bolton, and still helps at her friends’ dairy farms when needed. Joy is active in the 4-H, and helps teach bovine labs for vet tech students. New Bolton is a family affair for Joy, whose husband works at Marshak Dairy on campus.

Andrew Debenham
Andrew has over 7 years of experience at New Bolton. Andrew is a native of the UK, but has lived in the US for some time now. Andrew just returned to the main hospital from Hoffman Center, where he worked as a stallion handler. Andrew was the 2013 recipient of the Nursing Award presented by the outgoing veterinary class. Andrew also works part-time as an exercise rider for a local stable.

Barbie Jenkins
Barbie has over 8 years of experience at New Bolton, but has been a horsewoman in Chester County for years. Born and raised in Kennett, Barbie has stayed close to her roots, as well as her passion for horses. In Barbie’s spare time she competes in small schooling shows.

Caitlin MacGuinness
Lindsay Morra
Becky Smoker
Becky helps fill in as a PCT, mostly in the evenings. Becky worked with us on a more regular basis a few years ago before her family grew.
Haley Talarowski
Sara Waslyszyn
Beth Waters
Beth came to New Bolton 9 years ago, all the way from Michigan! Beth manages our ICU/NICU building and has extensive experience working with mares and foals. Beth enjoys riding her Appaloosa in her spare time, as well as spending time with her husband and one-year-old daughter.