Meet Our Patient Care Technicians

 A PCT, or Patient Care Technician, is equivalent to a nursing assistant. As the name implies, this group of outstanding individuals aid in the care of the hospital patients. Our PCTs are responsible for feeding and grooming the patients as well as helping students, nurses, and clinicians with procedures and treatments throughout the day.

PCTs are all experienced large-animal handlers, and are prepared to handle anything from a racehorse off the track, a breeding stallion, a foal, a pocket pig, a beef cow with calf, or anything else that walks through the door.

PCTs are responsible for admitting patients to the hospital, including assisting with emergency admissions. During the admissions process, the PCT catalogs equipment brought with the patient, and confirms feeding orders with the owner or clinician. The PCT also discharges patients from the hospital, ensuring that all equipment is returned with the patient, medications are provided if prescribed by the veterinarian, and also makes sure that the owner is comfortable with the discharge instructions.

Patient Care Technicians are responsible for feeding and grooming the patients as well as helping with procedures and treatments.

New Bolton Center Patient Care Technicians

  • Joy Crothers

  • Andrew Debenham

  • Rebecca DeWald

  • Barbie Jenkins

  • Caitlin MacGuinness

  • Lindsay Morra

  • Ashlee Petroski

  • Rebecca Smoker

  • Haley Talarowski

  • Sara Waslysnyn