New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
Emergencies & Appointments:
Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA

Meet the Emergency Service Team

Dr. Ken Drobatz, Penn Vet, Emergency Service
  • Professor
    Chief, Section of Emergency and Critical Care
  • Director of the Emergency Service
Dr. Deborah Mandell
  • Clinical Professor, Emergency & Critical Care
Cindy Otto, DVM-PhD, Penn Vet
  • Associate Professor, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Executive Director, Penn Vet Working Dog Center
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Sports Rehabilitation Medicine
Erica Reineke, VMD, Penn Vet, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Associate Professor, Emergency & Critical Care 

Vince Thawley, Penn Vet, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency & Critical Care

Dr. Dan Lantz, Penn Vet
  • Daniel Lantz, VMD
  • Staff Veterinarian, Emergency & Critical Care
Dr. Megan Murray, Penn Vet 
  • Megan Murray, VMD
  • Staff Veterinarian, Emergency & Critical Care
Ludivine Boiron, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Kim Chong, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Nicole Cilli, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Sage DeRosa, Penn Vet
  • Sage De Rosa, DVM
  • Resident
 Bridget Lyons, Penn Vet
  • Resident
 Dr. Katie Mauro, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Kaila Rizzo, Penn Vet
  • Kaila Rizzo, DVM
  • Resident
 Jonathan Schaefer, Penn Vet
  •  Resident
Dr. Michael Taney, Penn Vet 
  • Michael (Tom) Taney, DVM
  • Resident
Emergency Service Vet Tech Staff
Tanya Seip, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Tanya Seip, CVT, Supervisor of ES Technicians
Elizabeth Baldwin, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Elizabeth Baldwin, CVT
Jennifer Baris, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Jennifer Baris, CVT
Patricia Condon, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Patricia Condon, CVT
Leanne Deskewicz, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Leanne Deskewicz, CVT
Jeni Dohner, CVT, VTS (ECC) Penn Vet
  • Jeni Dohner, CVS, VTS (ECC)
Hollie Funderberg, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Hollie Funderburg, CVT
Cara Morganstein, CVT. Penn Vet
  • Cara Morganstein, CVT, VTS (ECC)
Colleen Rees, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Colleen Rees, CVT
Gina Scholz, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Gina Scholz, CVT
 Cyndi Lynn Sheridan, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Cyndi Lynn Sheridan, CVT
Nicole Wood, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Nicole Wood, CVT