parasitic infection and T cells in skin

First Line of Defense

Dr. Phillip Scott's team found that, after leishmaniasis infection, a population of T cells with a memory for the parasite remained in the skin.

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The Impact of Arginylation

Can arginylation, or the modification of a protein by attaching an arginine molecule, regulate an enzyme's activity?

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mitochondria-tagged cells

From Normal to Cancerous

The Avadhani Lab studies how defects in mitochondria could play a key role in the transition of cells from normal to cancerous.

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Human testis of infertile male with immature spermatazoa

The TEX11 Gene and Male Infertility

Azoospermia, or the inability for men to make measurable levels of sperm, is related to the TEX11 gene on the X chromosome.

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Summer at New Bolton Center

Beat the Heat

When the summer sun becomes too intense, don't wait for your horse to show signs of overheating. Follow these 10 tips to beat the heat.

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Our dogs are sensitive to heat

Health Tips for Summer Heat

Keeping your animals cool this summer? Here are 10 tips to beat the heat from our veterinarians, along with emergency information.

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One Health, Penn Vet Dean Joan Hendricks

Humans, Environment, Animals, Living Together

Dean Joan Hendricks has emerged as a national leader in One Health – approaching veterinary medicine with a global perspective.

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