Pennsylvania Diagnostic Laboratories System (PADLS)

Penn Vet's Diagnostic Labs Help Keep Diseases at Bay

In December, when a mother bear and her three cubs turned up dead in a church parking lot in northeast Pennsylvania, it sparked CSI-like intrigue.

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Learn about the Federal Veterinary Feed Directive

Federal Veterinary Feed Directive

On January 1, 2017, federal rules began regulating how medically important antibiotics can be administered to animals in feed and water.

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Controlling Viral Spread

Dr. Ron Harty says that finding a way to amplify a molecular interaction that sequesters viral proteins could lead to a novel antiviral strategy against Ebola.

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Feline patient, Church

Radioactive Cats

Feline hyperthyroidism is being successfully treated at Ryan Hospital with I-131 therapy.

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FIRST LEGO League student competitors visit New Bolton Swince Center

FIRST LEGO Kids Study New Bolton Pigs

Local elementary school students competing in the FIRST LEGO League competition visit the Swine Center.



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