Penn Vet and Med researchers William Beltran, Artur Cideciyan, Gustavo Aguirre and Samuel Jacobson

Stopping Canine Blindness

Penn Vet researchers Drs. Aguirre and Beltran collaborate with Penn Med to stop vision loss in canine X-linked retinitis pigmentosa.

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Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine

The Impact of Maternal Stress

A mother's stress during her pregnancy alters the population of microbes in her vagina, and those changes pass on to newborns.

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Ryan Hospital certified vet techs

The Healing Touch

Veterinary technicians at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital consistently go above and beyond to provide the best in nursing care.

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New Bolton Center Nursing staff radiograph horse

The Best of Care

Constant care by experienced, skilled, attentive veterinary technicians can make the all the difference in how an animal heals.

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Penn Vet students in Shelter Animal Medicine Program

Changing Attitudes, Saving Animals

Our goals are to create opportunities for life-long learning and continue this outreach and compassionate care.

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Linda Baker, VMD, New Bolton Center

In the Field

New Bolton Center experts provide training for animal practitioners, as well as conduct research that benefits the health of food animals.

Q litter puppies at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Great Working Dog - It's in the Genes

Penn Vet's Working Dog Center and Homeland Security have partnered in a breeding program aimed at developing top-rate detection dogs.

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Dr. Alexander Reiter, examining Pippa at Ryan Hospital

Maxilofacial Reconstruction

Penn Vet is world-renowned for cleft palate surgery, with a proven record of successful operations and reconstructive procedures.

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One Health, Penn Vet Dean Joan Hendricks

Humans, Environment, Animals, Living Together

Dean Joan Hendricks has emerged as a national leader in One Health – approaching veterinary medicine with a global perspective.

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