Regulatory T cells closely interact with plasma cells and support them

T Cells Support Long-lived Antibody-producing Cells

The Hunter Lab found that, in bone marrow, regulatory T cells closely interact with plasma cells and support them.

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Pennsylvania Diagnostic Laboratories System (PADLS)

Penn Vet's Diagnostic Labs Help Keep Diseases at Bay

In December, when a mother bear and her three cubs turned up dead in a church parking lot in northeast Pennsylvania, it sparked CSI-like intrigue.

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Learn about the Federal Veterinary Feed Directive

Federal Veterinary Feed Directive

On January 1, 2017, federal rules began regulating how medically important antibiotics can be administered to animals in feed and water.

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When Kyrie passed away, her legacy continued.

A Legacy Continues

One year from the date of Kyrie’s final discharge from New Bolton Center, Lisa Gaudio and Jimmy Kazanjian welcomed her legacy back home.

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Aspen, a six-year-old Lab with skin issues

Aspen - a Winding Tale of Recovery

A severe case of dermatophytosis , a bacterial skin infection, and a willing patient, eager to please.

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Learn Why Solid Tumor Cancers Are Resistant

Why Solid Tumor Cancers Are Resistant

Some tumors evade immune detection, but immunotherapies can be modified to tackle even these solid tumors.

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