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Animal Planet will feature Penn Vet in a new docu-series, focusing on a group of our fourth-year students.

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Monitoring Swine Health

New Bolton Center's regional program for swine disease monitors about 90 percent of PA pigs, resulting in less disease.

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Dr. Gustavo Aguirre, Penn Vet Ophthalmology

Dr. Aguirre wins 2016 Braille Award

Dr. Gustavo Aguirre has won the 2016 Louis Braille Award for innovative research and treatment of inherited blinding diseases.

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Zoobiquity Conference at Penn Vet

Zoobiquity 2016

How does a French bulldog with atopic dermatitis impact human medicine? What can we learn from a feather-plucking parrot?

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Equine Field Service helped save this mare and foal

Risks of Foaling in the Field

After her foal arrived, this mare had a life-threatening complication.

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Apoptotic Germ Cells in Mice

Apoptotic Germ Cells in Mice

Dr. Anguera's research team investigates epigenetic gene regulation involving long noncoding RNAs.

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One Health, Penn Vet Dean Joan Hendricks

Humans, Environment, Animals, Living Together

Dean Joan Hendricks has emerged as a national leader in One Health – approaching veterinary medicine with a global perspective.

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