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Measuring Chronic Pain in Cats

Published: Mar 7, 2016
Dr. Dottie Brown with a patient
As any cat owner can attest, it can be very difficult to recognize pain in felines because cats instinctively hide their symptoms. To address this issue, Dr. Dottie Brown, Director of Penn Vet’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center and Professor of Surgery, is leading a clinical trial that aims to create an instrument to objectively measure chronic pain in cats, an area of research that to date has been largely ignored. Such a tool would be invaluable in treating cats with conditions such as arthritis and cancer, as accurately measuring their level of discomfort is critical to effective management and treatment of these painful conditions. As part of the study, Brown will conduct ownercompleted questionnaires and employ feline activity monitors to allow for assessment in a home environment.

To raise the full $150,000 in funding needed to complete the study, we are excited to announce that the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation will generously match donations to this trial on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $75,000, through June 30, 2016. To make a gift, or to learn more about the trial, please contact Jillian Marcussen, Director of Development, at 215-898-4235 or