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Anne Staudenmaier V'15

Anne Staudenmaier V’15 is the current exotics intern (soon to be resident) at Angell Dr. Staudenmeier and a kinkajouAnimal Medical Center in Boston, MA. 

Dr. Staudenmaier has some experience with exotics -- she has spent time at the San Diego Zoo, Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari, and National Aquarium.  She has also done work with raccoons and other wildlife species at Mercer County Wildlife Center in New Jersey. 

Since starting at Angell, she has had an incredible opportunity to work with exotic, companion and zoo species and has had the chance to gain experience in a wide variety of cases, including an external resection and anastomosis on a tegue, a wellness exam on a kinkajou, assisted delivery of chinchilla kits, tail amputation in a ferret, and removal of a snake stuck in concrete tubing. 

She will be doing her residency to become boarded in avian medicine, along with alternative tract for exotic companion mammal and zoo medicine, and shays that she is loving every moment of it!