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Robots Impact Animal and Human Medicine

New Bolton Center veterinarians are developing the application-related protocols for use of the system with large animals.


First Tuesday - Robotic Imaging System

The robotics-controlled imaging system, newly installed at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center, will be the focus of a discussion by clinicians on Tuesday, May 3, at 6:30 p.m.


Mandola the Wonder Horse

The horse resides in a new, four-stall barn where he can see the various comings and goings – equine, human, vehicular – at Ashwell Stable. Park your car up that way, and he’ll almost always hang his head over the stall door. You pretty much have to say hello and give him a pat on the neck. For him, for you, for anyone who ever hurt. That’s just the way Mandola is.


New Bolton Purchases New Equine Ambulance

Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center has a new equine ambulance for use at local events.


Protect Cats from Lethal Lilies

Lilies are highly toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure. All parts of the plant are considered poisonous, so lilies should be kept away from cats at all times.


First Tuesday Lecture - Equine Pregnancy

Breeding a mare can be a busy time, with frequent ultrasound examinations, uterine lavages, oxytocin injections, and inseminations. But what happens next?


Saving Our Most Vulnerable Dogs

Thanks to the Richard Lichter Charity for Dogs, at-risk canines are getting much needed and expensive care at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital.


Colic 911: Police Horse Saved by Surgery at New Bolton Center

Duke, the longest-serving equine officer in the Lancaster City Police Mounted Unit, was off his feed one day in early February, rolling on the snowy ground, and biting at his side.


A Model Surgery: 3D Printing Key to Success

It was barely noticeable. The lump on seven-year-old Clubber’s head was camouflaged by the dog’s dark brindle fur. But owner Kerrie Tiedemann, a third-year Penn Vet student, spotted the hard bump back in June.


Squeezed Heart

The bright Thoroughbred filly with the intriguing name Five Smooth Stones is ready to start her gate work at Fair Hill. With a broad muscular chest, standing just over 15 hands at two years old, this beauty with a wide blaze is perfectly suited for a career on the racetrack.

Princess, the condor

The Royal Treatment: Penn Vet-Philadelphia Zoo Collaboration Restores Condor's Sight

Princess wasn’t acting like herself. The Andean condor, one of the Philadelphia Zoo’s oldest animal residents, wasn’t flying and was eating less. Lead Bird Keeper Toni Flowers noticed the changes. “It also seemed like she had vision problems.”


First Tuesday - Equine Neurology and Lameness

On Tuesday, March 1, at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Neil Mittelman and Dr. Holly Stewart presented a joint lecture: “Is My Horse Lame or Neurologic?”


Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar

The Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar, sponsored by Penn Vet and the Theriogenology Foundation, gives breeders the opportunity to learn from top experts in canine health.


Field Service Team Solves Post-Foaling Emergency

The flashy Gypsy Vanner mare foaled when no one was watching, but all seemed well, the colt still wet when the barn crew arrived just after dawn. Soon he was up and nursing.


Important Tips from Penn Vet to Keep Pets Safe in Cold Weather

The cold weather is here and extra care needs to be taken to keep companion animals comfortable and healthy throughout the winter season. Dr. Kenneth Drobatz, Chief of the Emergency Service at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, offers the following tips:

Welfare-Oriented Farm Practices Help Our Cows

Penn Vet's Tips to Keep Dairy Cows Healthy This Unusual Winter

This year’s unusual winter weather has presented a significant challenge to dairy farmers and their animals. The wide temperature swings and wet-warm weather in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have stressed cattle and led to an increased incidence of disease. Experts at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center have seen an increase in pneumonia cases, ranging from sudden death of apparently healthy animals to chronic illness and poor production, particularly in growing heifers and calves, but also in adult cows.

Pookie, breast cancer survivor

Pookie, Cancer Survivor

Pookie was saved from euthanasia at the last minute.

leptospirosis story

Leptospirosis: Cause for Concern

Pan was glowing in the dark. He was so jaundiced, it looked like someone had scrubbed him with iodine and forgotten to wash it off. His eyes, face, and ears were yellow.

Bill 36

Goat SOS: Navy Mascot Needs New Bolton Center

On a warm September evening, a dozen members of the U.S. Naval Academy leadership, including the Commandant of Midshipmen, were gathered on an expansive lawn, anticipating the arrival of the guests of honor. Those guests? A pair of young goats, Bill 35 and Bill 36, the new mascots for the Academy football team.

Swine Production Facilities at New Bolton Center

International Merck Technical Managers Train with Penn Vet Experts in Swine Reproduction

In partnership with Merck Animal Health, Penn Vet recently hosted an intensive training in swine reproduction for an international group of swine veterinarians and pork production managers.