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Bellwether Sessions - Reflections on Shelter Medicine and Community Engagement in the Time of COVID-19


American life is “fundamentally reordered” due to COVID-19 - affecting everything from family life, to how we eat, to how we care for animals.

The Shelter Medicine Program at Penn Vet is approaching this protracted crisis through a framework encompassing evidence-based strategies and processes. This approach allows for a deeper examination of the relationship between human, animal, and public health.

In this webinar, Penn Vet’s Shelter Medicine team tackles important questions:

  • responding in an emergency
  • engaging safely with the community
  • exchanging critical scientific information
  • adapting to the present pandemic

Join our speakers as they share insights on evidence-based medicine and decision making that could contribute to protecting and responding to animal health and welfare challenges in different communities.

Dr. Brittany Watson, Penn Vet Shelter MedicineBrittany Watson, VMD, PhD, DACVPM; Associate Professor of Shelter Medicine and Community Engagement; Director, Shelter Animal Medicine Program
Dr. Chelsea Reinhard, Penn Vet Shelter MedicineChelsea Reinhard, MPH, DVM, DACVPM; Bernice Barbour Assistant Professor of Clinical Shelter Medicine 

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