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Climate Week 2021

Climate Week at Penn | A Wet and Sweltering Spillover


A Wet and Sweltering Spillover: Happy Mosquitoes, Dangerous Disease

Join us for our second annual Penn Climate Week event, presented by Penn Vet’s Bellwether Sessions virtual event series:

This webinar is free to attend and open to the public.Register today!

When: Monday, September 20, 2021 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM (EST)

Who: The event will be moderated by De’ Broski Herbert, PhD, Presidential Associate Professor and Associate Professor of Pathobiology at Penn Vet, who will lead the discussion and answer audience questions during the live session.

Penn Vet faculty panelists for the event include:

  • Julie Ellis, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor of Pathobiology; Sr. Research Investigator, Pathobiology; Co-Director, Wildlife Futures Program
  • Lisa Murphy, VMD, Associate Professor of Toxicology; Resident Director of the Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory at New Bolton Center; Co-Director, Wildlife Futures Program
  • Michael Povelones, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathobiology

About this event:

The New York Times’s David Leohardt recently wrote about this year’s insufferable summer. “It’s almost as if the entire East Coast has shifted South,” observes Leohardt. “Summers in Philadelphia are hotter than Atlanta summers were not so long ago. These are the cascading effects of climate change, and it’s creating situations that are a mix of unnatural and horrific.”

Climate change is happening now, and it’s here. Sustained rain events and searing hot temperatures are accelerating thriving mosquito populations. More mosquitoes, more disease. But how does that REALLY happen? What makes mosquitoes such ideal harbors for pathogens and infectious disease? What is the risk to wildlife? And what is the risk to human health?

Get answers to these questions and more. This webinar aims to meld perspectives from three Penn Vet experts who have been characterizing the zoonotic consequences of extreme heat due to climate change. Our speakers will be sharing insights on the impact of heat and precipitation persistence on disease transmission; mosquitoes, insects, and animal hosts for disease; and the very real risk of major spillover events that could compromise the health of wildlife, livestock, and human populations.

Questions? Contact Brittany Tinsley, 215-746-2421;

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