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Bellwether Fall 2012

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Shedding Light on a Hidden Disease

Doberman pinschers are stately, strong and intelligent, seemingly unflappable. Yet members of this breed are more likely than any other to succumb to an insidious, inherited condition that can silently kill. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is the second most common acquired heart disease seen in dogs, behind mitral valve disease. It’s particularly prevalent in Dobermans.

Protecting Public Health: The Role of Penn Vet

Expanding the idea of what a veterinary school does to protect human and animal health.

2012 Student Inspiration Awards

For the fifth consecutive year, Penn Vet has named the recipients of its Student Inspiration Awards.

Each year, students with big ideas and a passion to share their knowledge are honored with the awards, which are granted to help them achieve their goals.

This year, two projects have been chosen to receive the award. Both projects are focused on improving the nutrition and livelihoods of villages in Haiti and India through focusing on animal health and economic sustainability.

Class of 2016 by the Numbers

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