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Darren and Dotty Gutshall

Published: Oct 29, 2015

For the past 15 years, Darren and Dotty Gutshall have been making the three-hour trek to Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital from their home in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They were originally referred to Ryan Hospital by their primary veterinarian when their first Rough Collie, Cali, needed surgery on her ACL. They were very pleased with the outcome of Cali’s surgery. But what really devoted them to Penn Vet was the hope they felt after their second Rough Collie, Tami, was diagnosed with a rare congenital mitral valve dysplasia.

Tami was given only two months to live, but through the cutting-edge treatments she received at Ryan, she was able to exceed the original timeline and lived 24 additional months. After this experience, Darren and Dotty committed to having all of their dogs receive top-notch care at Ryan Hospital. The Gutshalls arrive with four Collie girls in tow; Tori, Kati Jo, Libi, and Lexi always travel as a pack.

Darren and Dotty’s dedication to their dogs is not just evident by their willingness to drive three hours for an appointment, but in their everyday routine. Dotty prepares a “cooked” diet daily; she consulted with Penn Vet’s Dr. Kathy Michel prior to switching all four dogs to the diet. Darren monitors their exercise by taking the dogs out each night for play on their nine acres of property.

Beyond the meals and exercise, Darren and Dotty practice exceptional general upkeep of the dogs by grooming, cleaning their teeth twice daily, and performing muscle and joint massages. They have made this part of their routine, and with Dotty’s expert training as a Pediatric RN, they are able to recognize any changes that may need to be addressed on their next visit to Ryan.

The love Darren and Dotty Gutshall exude for all four of their dogs is evident the moment you meet them; Darren expressed it best when he explained that Tori, Kati Jo, Libi, and Lexi are their children. Their continued patronage is due to the expert care at Ryan, no matter what specialty service the dogs receive, and they are confident that they are receiving the best care for the four lives they treasure most. This unparalleled expertise has driven Darren and Dotty to support Penn Vet through their estate planning, helping us sustain our mission for years to come. 

The Gutshalls' collies

About Planned Giving

Over the years, Penn Vet has received generous support from many donors whose estate gifts have furthered the School’s mission by funding scholarships, professorships, hospital needs, cutting-edge research, and more. These special donors are members of the School’s Veterinary Heritage Circle and the University’s Charles Custis Harrison Society.

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