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Alumni Tributes to Dean Joan Hendricks

Published: Mar 28, 2018

Throughout her tenure, Dean Hendricks has made a lasting impact on Penn Vet alumni, students, staff, patients, and friends. We are collecting notes of gratitude and memories of Dean Hendricks from the community. You may share your memories, reflections, and notes of thanks here.

“Honest, caring, passionate, compassionate, and committed to veterinary medicine and veterinary education; these are the words that come to mind when I think about Dean Joan Hendricks. She was approachable and inspiring as a first-year student in 1987, and encouraging and empowering as a fourth-year student in 1991. She has undoubtedly touched countless others in her role as Dean.” — Lindsay Shreiber, V’91

"You were a huge inspiration to me during my education at Penn. You probably don't remember, but you encouraged me to seek an internship. Your confidence in my abilities made me feel amazing." — Margot Schwag, V'87

"I learned so much from you when I was in school and in your ICU. You had a compassionate and calm way of managing cases, students, and situations, with appropriate urgency, that I admired and wanted to emulate in my professional life." — Camille DeClementi, V'94

"As a graduate from 1993, I always remember you as a lecturer and professor. It was great to see how personable, helpful, and special you were. Students were scared, lonely, and overwhelmed. You made a difference to me and my classmates. As an alum and a member of the DAC, your commitment has never changed. You are engaged in our opinions and are the biggest advocate for Penn Vet and our profession as a whole." — Adam Denish, V'93

"Over the last 14 years, as I've grown into the vet I am now, I was always so proud of my alma mater—partly because of the education I got, but partly because of the direction I saw the school growing under your leadership. As you move on, I just want to say 'Thank you' for all you've done for all of us who call Penn Vet home." — Chuck Tucker, V'03

"We are so proud to have had you as the face of Penn Vet and wish you health and happiness in your next endeavor." — Amy Learn, V'03

"Thank you for all you have done during your stretch as Dean—so inspiring, always loved your messages." — Paula Yankauskas, V'81

"Thank for being an inspiration to me and so many women in the field. Your years of leadership in the field of veterinary medicine have shaped the generation of tomorrow. Take pride in all that you have accomplished. You left an amazing legacy!" — Rebecca Boncheck, V'91