Financial Aid Checklist

Step 1: Apply for FAFSA

  • Between January and June: Apply for your FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

    You may apply after June 1, but it is not recommended as your loans may be delayed.

    The FAFSA must be completed each year; without this, you are ineligible for any type of government student financial aid. This gives you eligibility for the Direct and GradPlus loans.

Step 2: Perkins and Health Profession Loans

  • Determine if you wish to apply for Perkins and Health Profession Loans. These loans are for students with very high need. General rule: If your parents have a combined income of less than $100,000 annually, you should apply.

    If you determine that you wish to apply for the Perkins and Health Profession Loans, go to www.sfs.upenn.edu and click on "Apply for Financial Aid" (located at the top of the home page).  Select "Graduate and Professional Students."  Select "The School of Veterinary Medicine."  Click on the Financial Aid Checklist.   Download the Penn Graduate and Professional Students Financial Aid Application form.  Provide all necessary tax documents.

Step 3: GradPLUS Loans

  • Determine if you wish to apply for a GradPLUS Loan. These loans may be used in addition to your Direct Loan, and any other loans for which you are eligible, to help you meet the entire educational budget. You may apply for the GradPLUS Loans at any time during your veterinary education; there is no specific time limit by which you must apply.

Step 4: Direct Loan

  • In June, you will receive additional information and instructions to apply for your Direct Loan ($40,500) and your GradPlus Loan; the University will inform those students who applied for Perkins and Health Professional loans of their eligibility in July.