Student Affairs

The Office of Student and Curricular Affairs

Once you've become a student at Penn Vet, you will receive notices, announcements, and updates from the Office of Student and Curricular Affairs. Please check your e-mail regularly. If you have your @mail.vet email forwarded to another server, please be certain that the forward service is working correctly. Our instructional technology staff will be happy to assist you in setting this up properly and ensuring full functionality.

For general information or questions regarding our programs, please e-mail us at student-affairs@vet.upenn.edu.

If you wish to contact a Student and Curricular Affairs staff member directly, please visit this page to locate phone numbers and e-mail addresses (access restricted to Veterinary School only).

Student Affairs Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kathryn E. Michel, Associate Dean for Education

Tammy Gantz, Curriculum Manager

J.P. Lacovara, Academic Manager

Deb Lefferts, Associate Director of Student Affairs

Linda Lewis, Director, Instructional Technology

Areas of Responsibility

    • Curricular issues
    • Freshman Orientation
    • White Coat Ceremony
    • Commencement
    • Rabies vaccinations and titers
    • Veterinary Business Management Certificate Program (in conjunction with the Veterinary Business Management Association).

Student Financial Assistance

    • All aspects of student financial assistance, including Direct and Direct GradPlus Loans and Perkins and Health Professional Loans
    • For comprehensive information regarding student financial assistance, please see the Student Financial Assistance page


  • The Office functions as a liaison between students and other areas of the University, Student Financial Services, Student Health, Student Health Insurance, University Counseling Services, Public Safety, University Learning Center, and Students with Disabilities.


  • The Office maintains communication among students, faculty and other areas of the University.

    • Duplication and distribution of material from various sources
    • Assistance with student club activities and class activities
    • All name and address changes
    • Information technology issues concerning students
    • Day-to-day oversight of curriculum
    • Penn Vet Curricular Handbook (course catalog)
    • Committee on the Academic Status of Students (CASS)
    • Education Committee
    • Course, examination and classroom scheduling course enrollment, including clinical rotations
    • ADD/DROP in elective courses
    • Independent Study and Research (ISR)