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Penn Vet curriculum-years 3-4

The Clinical Curriculum: Years Three & Four

The clinical curriculum offers rich flexibility to tailor the last two years of school into preparation for careers spanning from clinical medicine to pure research.

In three-week blocks, you will work directly with many of the world’s leading veterinarians as you see and treat patients together. Blocks of elective classroom and lab courses interspersed throughout allow students to build on their knowledge in a range of diverse topics.

By integrating clinical rotations and didactic elective courses throughout the final two years of our curriculum, Penn Vet students will be able to tailor their educational experiences to prepare them for the wide breadth of career options offered by the veterinary profession.

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Advanced Clinical Skills

During their clinical rotations, students discover a specific clinical specialty in which they can immerse themselves for multiple rotations, gaining advanced skills.

Some students with a focus on research can spend time in labs at the forefront of revolutionary advances in cancer biology, surgical techniques, and myriad others, in preparation for a career in research, industry, or policy.

Regardless of the path you choose to follow with your VMD, this curriculum will train you to think and solve problems within the context they appear.

Clinical Rotations

  • Applied Anatomy
  • Patient Care
  • Diagnostic Services Foundation
  • Anesthesia Service Foundation
  • Large Animal Medicine
  • Large Animal Emergency/Critical Care
  • Food Animal Reproduction
  • Field Service
  • Large Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Ultrasonography in Large Animals
  • Large Animal Clincial Reproduction
  • Large Animal Neonatology ICU
  • Equine Welfare
  • Ration Evaluation/Formulation
  • Large Animal Surgery Clinics
  • Sports Medicine/Imaging
  • Large Animal Radiology Service
  • Large Animal Anesthesia
  • Food Animal Anesethesia
  • Equine Surgery Clinics
  •  Farm Animal Medicine/Surgery Clinic
  • Equine Podology
  • Dairy Production Medicine
  • Food Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Swine Production Medicine
  • Advanced Swine Production Medicine
  • Swine Production
  • Equine Ophthalmology
  • Small Animal Medicine
  • Small Animal Intensive Care Medicine
  • Small Animal Cardiology Clinic
  • Small Animal Dermatology
  • Comprehensive Cancer Care
  • Small Animal Neurology
  • Primary Care Service
  • Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery
  • Small Animal Emergency Service
  • Small Animal Radiology
  • Small Animal Anesthesia
  • Small Animal Dentistry
  • Small Animal Ophthalmology
  • Small Animal Behavior Clinic
  • Special Species Service
  • Working Dog Center
  • Shelter Animal Medicine
  • Small Animal Pathology Service
  • Food Animal Pathology
  • Poultry Production Medicine
  • ULAR-Lab Animal Medicine


  • Comparative Cancer Biology & Immunology
  • Equine Neonatology & ICU
  • Disease Management of Sheep and Goats
  • Animal Health Economics
  • Clinical Biostatistics
  • Equine/Food Animal Anesthesia
  • Clinical Applications of Pharmacology
  • Animal Production Systems
  • Introduction to Animal Welfare
  • Large Animal Medicine
  • Advanced Poultry Medicine
  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Large Animal Reproduction
  • Large Animal Surgery 
  • Equine Lameness
  • Equine Orthopedics
  • Equine Sports Medicine
  • Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging
  • Large Animal Surgical Procedures
  • Global Food Security
  • Swine Neonatology
  • Introduction to End of Life Care
  • Diagnosis of Common Intoxicants 
  • Introduction to Companion Avian Medicine
  • Introduction to Reptile & Amphibian Medicine
  • Professional Foundations
  • Legal Issues for Veterinarians
  • Small Animal Pediatrics
  • Topics in Neurology
  • Small Animal Clinical Nutrition
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Small Animal Surgery/Anesthesia Lab
  • Small Animal Anesthesia
  • Emergency & Critical Care Medicine
  • Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery
  • Practice Management
  • Shelter Animal Medicine
  • Small Animal Critical Care Medicine
  • Wildlife Medicine I & II 
  • Case Studies: Special Species
  • Pet Small Mammal Medicine/Surgery
  • Small Animal Advanced Cardiology
  • Advanced Small Animal ECG & Arrhythmias
  • Student Shelter Opportunity
  • Small Animal Surgery/Anesthesia Lab
  • One Health Study Design
  • Ecotoxicology for Veterinarians
  • Large Animal Pathology & Toxicology
  • Lab Animal Medicine