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With remarkable similarities to MS, a disease in dogs opens new avenues for study

Supporting Faculty Expertise

Enabling investigators to broaden the impact of veterinary medicine

Building a mighty base of faculty talent enriches the academic environment. Endowed professorships are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty. Donors provide funds for the overall improvement of Penn Vet, but some have interests in specific clinical disciplines or research areas. By funding endowed professorships, donors can convene the brightest minds to pursue particular areas of inquiry to spur advances in translational research and discovery. 

Support our inspiring faculty and clinicians in their pursuit of creative, innovative translational research to advance revolutionary discoveries.

A Measure of Dedication


For the Love of Worms

Hookworm larvae live in fecal-contaminated soil and can penetrate the feet of anyone who happens to walk barefoot through the area. 


Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Dr. Elizabeth Lennon, Pamela Cole Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine  in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Advanced Medicine, focuses her research on immunoregulatory roles of mast cells in inflammatory diseases, particularly in IBD.


Penn Vet Scientists Receive Two of Six Penn Center for Innovation Annual Commercialization Awards

[December 9, 2019; PHILADELPHIA, PA – Three researchers from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn Vet) are among the recipients of the annual Innovation awards from the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI), which recognizes the six most significant scientific discoveries or partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania during the preceding twelve months.


Making headway against a killer virus

Ebola just isn’t going away. Following the major 2014 outbreak in West Africa, the deadly infection came back with a vengeance last year in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has claimed nearly 550 lives to date.

The impact has been felt closer to home as well.


Navigating cytokine storms

It’s a trajectory followed by many who experience a severe case of COVID-19: They feel poorly for a few days, improve over a day or two and then, a week or 10 days into their infection, have respiratory difficulties, a stroke, organ damage, or another dangerous complication and wind up in the intensive care unit.

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Endowed Professorships

Named endowed professorships are the highest recognition that a university can bestow upon faculty. These professorships enable us to attract, recruit, and retain the very best scholars, researchers and practitioners.

  • Contact: For more information regarding scholarship opportunities or to make a gift, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 215-898-1480.

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Questions? Call us at 215-898-1480


Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships are a two-year program for exemplary VMD/DVMs or PhDs. This program addresses the shortage of clinician-scientists by training researchers to become independent investigators, in either academics or industry, through high-level mentorships and laboratory training.

Research Fellowships address the shortage of clinician-scientists by training researchers to become independent investigators.

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