Associate Professor, Laboratory Animal Medicine , University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine

Senior Associate Director, University Laboratory Animal Resources, University of Pennsylvania

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Research Areas: Laboratory Animal Medicine, Rodent models of human disease,

Contact Information:
177E Old Vet Quadrangle, ULAR 3800 Spruce Street,
 Phone 215-573-3625
 Fax 215-573-9998
 Email fclaire@pobox.upenn.edu

My areas of interest surround refinement in the care and use of animals in biomedical research. In particular, the continued demand for rodents as models of human disease necessitates the refinement of diagnostics and phenotyping for these species. Rodent clinical pathology assessments are a main focus of my work and are being applied to spontaneous and experimentally-induced disease models. As well, I continue to collaborate on nonhuman primate medicine and disease research and assist with improvements in occupational health for individuals working with laboratory animals.

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BA (Chemistry/English) Indiana University, 1993

DVM (Veterinary Medicine) Purdue University, 1997

MS (Microbiology) University of Washington, 2001

ACLAM, 2002