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GARY SMITH, , BA Honors , Cert. Ed., BA Honors, DPhil

Research Areas: Mathematical modeling, Parasite population ecology, Epidemiology
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University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
Dept of Clinical Studies
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road

Research Interests
- Epidemiology of parasitic and infectious diseases
- Parasite population ecology
- Mathematical modeling of infectious and parasitic diseases of veterinary and medical importance
- Public health.

Research focus: the use of mathematical modeling techniques to facilitate the control of infectious and parasitic disease. Areas of interest include parasite population biology; the epidemiology of parasitic diseases (including those caused by viruses and bacteria); mathematical modeling of parasitic diseases of veterinary and medical importance; and economic evaluation of chemotherapeutic and vaccination strategies.

Pelletier ST, Rorres C, Macko PC, Peters S, Smith G. Models of highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemics in commercial poultry flocks in Nigeria and Ghana. Trop Anim Health Prod. Epub: , 2012.

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Tildesley MJ, Smith G, Keeling MJ. Modeling the spread and control of foot-and-mouth disease in Pennsylvania following its discovery and options for control. Prev Vet Med. 104: 224-39, 2012.

Smith G. Preferential sexual transmission of pseudorabies virus in feral swine populations may not account for observed seroprevalence in the USA. Prev Vet Med. 103: 145-56, 2012.

Rorres C, Pelletier ST, Smith G. Stochastic modeling of animal epidemics using data collected over three different spatial scales. Epidemics 3: 61-70, 2011.

Smith G, Dunipace S. How backyard poultry flocks influence the effort required to curtail avian influenza epidemics in commercial poultry flocks. Epidemics 3: 71-5, 2011.

Rorres C, Pelletier ST, Bruhn MC, Smith G. Ongoing estimation of the epidemic parameters of a stochastic, spatial, discrete-time model for a 1983-84 avian influenza epidemic. Avian Dis 55: 35-42, 2011.

Smith G. Models of macroparasitic infections in domestic ruminants: a conceptual review and critique. Rev Sci Tech. 30: 447-56, 2011.

Aceto H, Miller SA, Smith G. Onset of diarrhea and pyrexia and time to detection of Salmonella enterica subsp enterica in feces in experimental studies of cattle, horses, goats, and sheep after infection per os. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 10: 1333-9, 2011.

(10 GCE 0-Levels, 4 GCE A-Levels) Bromsgrove County High School, 1967

BA Honors (Zoology) Oxford University, 1970

Cert. Ed. (Education) Cambridge University, 1971

BA Honors (Education) Cambridge University, 1972

DPhil (Parasite Ecology) University of York, 1978

Department of Pure and Applied Biology, Imperial College, London, UK (1981 to 1983)
Research Associate (Pfizer UK)

Department of Pure and Applied Biology, Imperial College, London, UK (1978 to 1981)
Wooldridge Farm Livestock Fellowship (Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK