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– 2021 –

Forgash, JT, Chang, YM, Mittelman, NS, Petesch, S, Benedicenti, L, Galban, E, Hammond, JJ, Glass, EN, Barker, JR, Shelton, GD, Luo, J, Garden, OA (2021) Clinical features and outcome of acquired myasthenia gravis in 94 dogs. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine [IF 2.29] (in press)

Leopardi, V, Chang, YM, Pham, A, Luo, J, Garden, OA (2021) Infectious Agents in the Etiology of Myasthenia Gravis: A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Neurology [IF 2.89] (in press) | doi: 10.3389/fneur.2021.618021

– 2020 –

Wu, Y, Luo, J*, Garden, OA* (2020) Immunoregulatory Cells in Myasthenia Gravis. Frontiers in Neurology [*Dual senior authorship; IF 2.889] Front. Neurol. | doi: 10.3389/fneur.2020.593431

Wu, Y, Chang, Y, Lawson, BS, Galban, EM, Mittelman, NS, Benedicenti, L, Petesch, SC, Carroll, AB, Punt, JA, Luo, J*, Garden, OA* (2020) Myeloid-derived suppressor cell and regulatory T cell frequencies in canine myasthenia gravis: A pilot study. The Veterinary Journal [*Dual senior authorship; IF 2.115]

Wu, Y, Chang, Y, Polton, G, Stell, AJ, Szladovits, B, Macfarlane, M, Peters, LM, Priestnall, SL, Bacon, NJ, Kow, K, Stewart, S, Sharma, E, Goulart, MR, Gribben, J, Xia, D and Garden, OA (2020) Gene expression profiling of B cell lymphoma in dogs reveals dichotomous metabolic signatures distinguished by oxidative phosphorylation. Frontiers in Oncology 10: 307 [IF 4.14] Front. Oncol. | doi: 10.3389/fonc.2020.00307

– 2019 –

Wu, Y, Chang, YM, Stell, AJ, Priestnall, SL, Sharma, E, Goulart, MR, Gribben, J, Xia, D, Garden, OA (2019) Phenotypic characterisation of regulatory T cells in dogs reveals signature transcripts conserved in humans and mice. Scientific Reports 9:13478 [IF 4.53] 

Klotsman, M, Sathyan, G, Anderson, WH, Garden, OA, Shivanand, P (2019) Mycophenolic acid in patients with immune‐mediated inflammatory diseases: From humans to dogs. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 42: 127– 138 [IF 1.18] 

Crossfield, L, Fortuna, L, Carling, R, Matas Riera, M, Hampel, R, Dawson, C, Yeung, I, Chang, Y-M, Scurrell, E, Thaung, C, Priestnall, S and Garden, OA (2019) Immunohistochemical characterization of feline lymphoplasmacytic anterior uveitis. Veterinary Ophthalmology 22: 206-212 [IF 1.08]

Garden, OA*, Kidd, L*, Mexas, AM, Chang, YM, Jeffery, U, Blois, S, Fogle, JE, MacNeill, AL, Lubas, G, Birkenheuer, A, Buoncompagni, S, Dandrieux, JRS, Di Loria, A, Fellman, C, Glanemann, B, Goggs, R, Granick, J, LeVine, D, Sharp, CR, Smith-Carr, S, Swann, JW and Szladovits, B (2019) ACVIM Consensus Statement on the Diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in Dogs and Cats. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 1-22: [*Dual first authorship; IF 2.17]

Swann, JW*, Garden, OA*, Fellman, CL, Glanemann, B, Goggs, R, LeVine, DN, Mackin, AJ and Whitley, NT (2019) ACVIM Consensus Statement on the Treatment of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in Dogs. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 1-32: [*Dual first authorship; IF 2.17]

Goulart, MR, Hlavaty, SI, Chang, YM, Polton, G, Stell, A, Perry, J, Wu, Y, Sharma, E, Broxholme, J, Lee, AC, Szladovits, B, Turmaine, M, Gribben, J, Xia, D* and Garden, OA* (2019) Phenotypic and transcriptomic characterization of canine myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Scientific Reports 9: 3574; doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-40285-3 [*Dual last authorship; IF 4.12]

Swann, JW, Szladovits, B, Threlfall, AJ, Garden, OA, Chang, YM, Church, DB and Glanemann, B (2019) Randomised controlled trial of fractionated and unfractionated prednisolone regimens for dogs with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia. The Veterinary Record; in press [IF 1.76]

– 2018 –

Luo J, Lindstrom J (2018) Myasthenia Gravis and Related Disorders. 3rd ed. Kaminski H, Kusner L, editors. USA: Humana Press; Chapter 2, Acetylcholine Receptor Structure; p.13-45. 353p.

Luo J, Lindstrom J (2018) Acetylcholine receptor-specific immunosuppressive therapy of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis and myasthenia gravis. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1413:76-81. [IF 4.73]

Davies, O, Szladovits, B, Polton, G, Garden OA, Leo, C and Lara, A (2018) Prognostic significance of clinical presentation, induction and rescue treatment in 42 cases of canine centroblastic diffuse large B-cell multicentric lymphoma in the United Kingdom Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 16(2): 276-287 [IF 2.45]

Pittaway, R, Wu, Y, Szladovits, B, Suarez-Bonnet, A, Scurrell, EJ, Garden, OA, Polton, G and Priestnall, SL (2018) Diagnosis of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in a dog using CD30 immunohistochemistry. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 30(3): 455-458 [IF1.35]

Lowrie, M, Garden, OA, Hadjivassiliou, M, Sanders, DS, Powell, R and Garosi, L. (2018) Characterization of paroxysmal gluten-sensitive dyskinesia in Border terriers using serological markers. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 32(2): 775-781 [IF 2.17]

– 2017 –

Ludwig RJ, Vanhoorelbeke K, Leypoldt F, Kaya Z, Bieber K, McLachlan S.M, Komorowski L, Luo J, Cabral-Marques O, Hammers CM, Lindstrom JM, Lamprecht P, Fischer A, Riemekasten G, Tersteeg C, Sondermann P, Rapoport B, Wandinger KP, Probst C, El Beidaq A, Schmidt E, Verkman A, Manz RA, Nimmerjahn F (2017) Mechanisms of Autoantibody-Induced Pathology. Frontiers in Immunology 8:603 [IF 6.43]

Comazzi, S, Avery, PR, Garden, OA, Riondato, F, Rütgen, B, Vernau, W; European Lymphoma Network (2017) European canine lymphoma network consensus recommendations for reporting flow cytometry in canine hematopoietic neoplasms. Cytometry B Clinical Cytometry 92(5): 411-419 [IF 2.40]

Marconato, L, Polton, G, Sabattini, S, Dacasto, M, Garden, OA, Grant, I, Henrickx, T, Henriques, J, Lubas, G, Morello, E, Stefanello, D, Comazzi, S; European Lymphoma Network (2017) Conformity and controversies in the diagnosis, staging and follow-up evaluation of canine nodal lymphoma: a systematic review of the last 15 years of published literature. Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 15(3): 1029-1040 [IF 2.45]

Muir, C, Priestnall, SL, Hibbert, A, Brown, C, Garden, OA* and Scase, T* (2017) Prevalence of FoxP3+ cells does not correlate with Ki67 expression in canine diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Journal of Comparative Pathology 157(1): 15-22 [* Dual last authorship; IF 1.17]

Gibbons, N, Goulart, MR, Chang, Y-M, Efstathiou, K, Purcell, R, Wu, Y, Peters, LM, Turmaine, M, Szladovits, B and Garden, OA (2017) Phenotypic heterogeneity of peripheral monocytes in healthy dogs. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 190:26-30 [IF 1.54] 

Heaps, LA, Scudder, CJ, Lipscomb, VJ, Steinbach, SM, Priestnall, SL, Martineau, H, Szladovits, B, Fowkes, RC and Garden, OA (2017) Serum anti-Müllerian hormone concentrations before and after treatment of an ovarian granulosa cell tumour in a cat. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports 3(2): 2055116917722701 [IF 1.21]

– 2016 –

Peters, LM, Glanemann, B, Garden, OA and Szladovits, B (2016) Cytological findings of 140 bile samples from dogs and cats and associated clinical pathological data. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 30(1): 123-131 [IF 2.17]

Carney, K, Chang, Y-M, Wilson, S, Calnan, C, Reddy, PS, Chan, W-Y, Gilmartin, T, Hernandez, G, Schaffer, L, Head, SR, Morley, J, de Mestre, A, Affleck, K and Garden, OA (2016) Regulatory T cell- intrinsic amphiregulin is dispensable for suppressive function. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 137(6): 1907-1909 [IF 11.5]

Denyer, MP, Pinheiro, DY, Shepherd, AJ* and Garden, OA* (2016) Missed, not missing: phylogenomic evidence for the existence of avian FoxP3. PLOS ONE 11(3): e0150988 [*Dual last and corresponding authorship; IF 3.73]

Chang, Y-M, Hadox, E, Szladovits, B and Garden, OA (2016) Serum biochemical phenotypes in the domestic dog. PLOS ONE 11(2): e0149650 [IF 3.73]

Aguiar, J, Chang, YM and Garden, OA (2016) Complications of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in dogs and cats receiving corticosteroid treatment. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 30(4): 1008-1013 [IF 2.17]

Singh, Y, Garden, OA, Lang, F and Cobb, BS (2016) MicroRNAs regulate T-cell production of interleukin- 9 and identify hypoxia-inducible factor-2α as an important regulator of T helper 9 and regulatory T-cell differentiation. Immunology 149(1): 74-86 [IF 4.08]

Fortuna, L, Relf, J, Chang, YM, Hibbert, A, Martineau, HM* and Garden, OA* (2016) Prevalence of FoxP3+ cells in canine tumours and lymph nodes correlates positively with glucose transporter 1 expression. Journal of Comparative Pathology 155(2-3): 171-180 [*Dual last authorship; IF 1.38]

Giuliano, A, Swift, R, Arthurs, C, Marote, G, Abramo, F, McKay, J, Thomson, C, Beltran, M, Millar, M, Preistnall, S, Dobson, J, Costantino-Casas, F, Petrou, T, McGonnell, IM, Davies, AJ, Weetman, M, Garden, OA, Masters, JR, Thrasivoulou, C and Ahmed, A (2016) Quantitative expression and co- localization of Wnt signaling related proteins in feline squamous cell carcinoma. PLOS ONE 11(8): e0161103 [IF 3.73]

Singh, Y, Garden, OA, Florian, L and Cobb, BS (2016) Retroviral transduction of helper T cells as a genetic approach to study mechanisms controlling their differentiation and function. Journal of Visualized Experiments Nov 4 (117) doi: 10.3791/54698 [IF 1.33]

Lowrie, M, Jacinto, A, Hadjivassiliou, M, Sanders, DS and Garden, OA (2016) A presumptive case of gluten sensitivity in a Border terrier: a multi-system disorder? Veterinary Record 179(22): 573 [IF 1.50]

Swann, JW, Woods, K, Wu, Y, Glanemann, B and Garden, OA (2016) Characterisation of the immunophenotype of dogs with primary immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia, PLOS ONE 11(12): e0168296 [IF 3.73]

– 2015 –

Luo J, Lindstrom J (2015) AChR-specific immunosuppressive therapy of myasthenia gravis. Biochemical Pharmacology 97:609-619. [IF 4.96]

Losen M, Martinez-Martinez P, Molenaar PC, Lazaridis K, Tzartos S, Brenner T, Duan RS, Luo J, Lindstrom J, Kusner L (2015) Standardization of the experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis (EAMG) model by immunization of rats with Torpedo californica acetylcholine receptors--Recommendations for methods and experimental designs. Experimental Neurology 270:18-28. [IF 4.69]

Schmitz, S, Glanemann, B, Garden, OA, Brooks, H, Chang, YM, Werling, D and Allenspach, K (2015) A prospective, randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled pilot study on the effect of Enterococcus faecium on clinical activity and intestinal gene expression in canine food-responsive chronic enteropathy. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 29(2): 533-543 [IF 2.17]

Swann, JW, Priestnall, SL, Dawson, C, Chang, YM and Garden, OA (2015) Histologic and clinical features of primary and secondary vasculitis: a retrospective study of 42 dogs (2004-2011). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 27(4): 489-496 [IF 1.35]

Lowrie, M, Garden, OA, Hadjivassiliou, M, Harvey, RJ, Sanders, DS, Powell, R and Garosi, L (2015) The clinical and serological effect of a gluten-free diet in Border terriers with epileptoid cramping syndrome. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 29(6): 1564-1568 [IF 2.17]

Singh, Y, Garden, OA, Lang, F and Cobb, BS (2015) MicroRNA-15b/16 enhances the induction of regulatory T cells by regulating the expression of Rictor and mTOR. Journal of Immunology 195(12): 5667-5677 [IF 5.65]

– 2014 –

Luo J, Lindstrom JM (2014) Antigen-specific immunotherapeutic vaccine for experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis. Journal of Immunology 193:5044-5055. [IF 4.72]

Pang J, Borjeson TM, Muthupalani S, Ducore RM, Carr CA, Feng Y, Sullivan MP, Cristofaro V, Luo J, Lindstrom JM, Fox JG (2014) Megaesophagus in a line of transgenic rats: a model of achalasia. Veterinary Pathology 51:1187-1200. [IF 2.11]

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Hardy, JI, Hendricks, A, Loeffler, A, Chang, YM, Verheyen, KL, Garden, OA and Bond, R (2014) Food- specific serum IgE and IgG reactivity in dogs with and without skin disease: lack of correlation between laboratories. Veterinary Dermatology 25(5): 447-e70 [IF 1.99]

Anfinsen, KP, Piercy, RJ, Massey, C, Smith, KC, Kenny, PJ and Garden, OA (2014) Severe systemic calciphylaxis in a young cat. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 28(4): 1325-1330 [IF 2.17]

Pinheiro, D, Chang, YM, Bryant, H, Szladovits, B, Dalessandri, T, Davison, LJ, Yallop, E, Mills, E, Leo, C, Lara, A, Stell, A, Polton, G and Garden, OA (2014) Dissecting the regulatory microenvironment of a large animal model of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: evidence of a negative prognostic impact of FOXP3+ T cells in canine B cell lymphoma. PLOS ONE 9(8): e105027 [IF 3.73]

– 2013 –

Kidder, D, Richards, HE, Ziltener, HJ, Garden, OA and Crocker, PR (2013) Sialoadhesin ligand expression identifies a subset of CD4+Foxp3- T cells with a distinct activation and glycosylation profile. Journal of Immunology 190(6): 2593-2602. [IF 5.65]

Walker, D, Knuchel-Takano, A, McCutchan, A, Chang, Y-M, Downes, C, Miller, S, Stevens, K, Verheyen, K, Phillips, AD, Miah, S, Turmaine, M, Hibbert, A, Steiner, JM, Suchodolski, JS, Mohan, K, Eastwood, J, Allenspach, K, Smith, K and Garden, OA (2013) A comprehensive pathological survey of duodenal biopsies from dogs with diet-responsive chronic enteropathy. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 27(4): 862-874 [IF 2.17]

Lawrence, J, Chang, YM, Szladovits, B, Davison, LJ and Garden, OA (2013) Breed-specific hematological phenotypes in the dog: a natural resource for the genetic dissection of hematological parameters in a Mammalian species. PLOS ONE 8(11): e81288 [IF 3.73]

– 2012 –

Lindstrom J, Luo J (2012) Myasthenogenicity of the main immunogenic region. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1274:9-13. [IF 4.73]

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– 2011 –

Pinheiro, D, Singh, Y, Grant, C, Appleton, RC, Sacchini, F, Walker, KRL, Chadbourne, AH, Palmer, CA, Armitage-Chan, E, Thompson, I, Williamson, L, Cunningham, F and Garden, OA (2011) Phenotypic and functional characterisation of a CD4+CD25highFOXP3high regulatory T cell population in the dog. Immunology 132(1): 111-122 [IF 4.08]

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– 2010 –

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– 2009 –

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– 2008 –

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– 2007 –

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– 2006 –

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– 2005 –

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– 2004 –

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– 2002 –

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– 2001 –

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– 2000 –

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– 1999 –

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– 1998 –

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– 1997 –

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– 1996 –

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– 1993 –

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