Hematology & Typing

Sample Collection & Shipping Instructions for Hematology Tests

Please follow these instructions for Blood Typing, Osmotic Fragility (OF), and other special Hematology testing. For OF and other special hematology tests you will also need to send a sample from a control animal. These tests require advance approval, and thus please email PennGen@lists.upenn.edu to get preapproval before taking any samples and shipping. If you don't get a preapproval, your request will be cancelled. To run these tests you MUST send a blood sample. If you have further questions, please e-mail PennGen@lists.upenn.edu.

A Note About Handwritten Forms: We no longer accept handwritten submission forms, so please make sure that you create an account for yourself on the PennGen Sample Submission Application, log in to your account, fill in the animal information, select the appropriate test to obtain a Submission ID for each animal, and then print the submission sheet and mail it along with the sample.

Blood Sample Collection (performed by a veterinary clinician or nurse)

  1. Label one EDTA tube with animal’s name and owner’s last name.

  2. Draw 1–2 ml of patient's blood into the labelled tube.

  3. Blood tubes need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or other protective packaging and then sealed in a Ziploc bag.

  4. Do the same for the control sample from healthy animal where required (online submission is not needed for the control but provide name, species, breed, age and sex).

  5. Complete the online submission for each animal, print the submission sheet, and mail it along with the sample to the address printed on the submission sheet.

  6. The blood sample for these tests MUST be shipped fresh and overnight, ON ICE PACKS. Sending samples through the regular mail or without ice packs will cause the sample to degrade. If you are using USPS or other government run shipping service expect a delay in delivery (their expected delivery dates are not predictable because the USPS delivers directly to the University first, for subsequent distribution to our PennGen labs). If you prefer a prompt delivery, we recommend using a private shipping service (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL) which deliver directly to our laboratories or building.

  7. These tests require pre-approval, please email PennGen@lists.upenn.edu to get pre-approval before collecting and shipping any samples. If you don't get pre-approval your request will be cancelled.

  8. For international shipments, a customs declaration and proforma invoice must be completed and included with the shipment (outside and inside package; see international shipping).