International Shipping

When shipping internationally, first verify the shipping requirements as described by your choice of delivery service provider (FedEx, UPS, ParcelForce, DHL, etc.).

US Customs requires that all international shipments have two copies of a written declaration (see example below) specifying the content of the package. One copy of the declaration should be secured to the outside of the package, and the other should be inserted inside the package. To create the declaration, copy the following statements onto a piece of paper, preferably your clinic or your own letterhead, and make sure to sign and date the declaration.

Regarding USDA Guidelines for Importation #1102 - Feline and Canine Material

I understand that a USDA import permit is not required for this material since I can provide the following true statements.

  1. The material in this shipment is [canine/feline] [blood/serum/fluids].

  2. This material does not contain any other animal derived material (i.e., does not contain any livestock or poultry origin material).

  3. This material was NOT derived from cats and/or dogs which were inoculated with or exposed to any infectious agents of agricultural concern.

I declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Veterinarian - Print Name:

Clinic Info / Letter Head:

For more information on these guidelines, please visit the USDA webpage.