Penn Vet Cancer Center Members

The Cancer Center Team
  • Ellen Puré, PhD
  • Director, Penn Vet Cancer Center

Tumor microenvironment, Cellular and molecular basis of inflammation and fibrosis

  • Narayan Avadhani, PhD

Autoimmune diseases, Metabolic Regulation, Mitochondrial genetics, Mitochondrial function

  • Michael Atchison, PhD

Transcription, Gene expression, Oncogenesis

Epigenetics, cellular identity, cancer cell fate, acute myeloid leukemia, Chromatin biology, epigenomics
  • Igor Brodsky, PhD


Bacterial pathogens, Bacteriology, Infectious Disease, Inflammasome, Innate Immune Defense, Immunology

  • Rumela Chakrabarti, PhD

 Breast cancer, cell fate regulators

  • Molly Church, VMD, PhD

Comparative Pathology, Anatomic Pathology

  • Lillian Duda, VMD, MBE

Radiation Therapy, Bioethics

  • Amy Durham, VMD

Lymphoid neoplasms, Lymphoma, Oncologic pathology, Pathology

  • T. S. Karin Eisinger, PhD

Immunobiology and Experimental Pathology

  • Julie Engiles, VMD

Gastrointestinal pathology, Orthopedic pathology, Laminitis

  • Serge Y. Fuchs, MD, PhD
  •  Director, Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Oncology

Autoimmune diseases, Cytokines and Grown factors, Interferon, Ubiquitin, Cancer

  • Oliver Garden, BVetMed, PhD

Autoimmune disease and cancer, Regulatory T cells, Myeloid-derived suppressor cells

  • David Holt, BVSc

Imaging cancer during surgery, Portosystemic shunts, Brachycephalic airway disease, Laryngeal paralysis

  • Christopher Hunter, PhD

Infectious Disease, Toxoplasma gondii, Zoonotic diseases, Host-pathogen interactions, Immunology, Parasites, Parasitology, Transgenic parasites, Inflammatory responses

  • Anna Kashina, PhD

Angiogenesis, Protein arginylation, Cancer

  • Christopher Lengner, PhD

Regenerative medicine, Cancer, Embryonic stem cells, Epigenetics, Oncogenesis, Oncogenic transformation, Somatic stem cells, Oncology

  • Frank Luca, PhD

Regulation of Cell Growth and Proliferation, Signal Transduction, Cell Cycle Regulation, Polarized Morphogenesis, Cancer, Yeast Genetics and Cell Biology

  • Jennifer Mahoney, DVM

Medical oncology for companion animals, Canine lymphoma, Canine hemangiosarcoma, Chemotherapy

  • Wilfried Mai, DrMedVet, PhD

Diagnostic imaging, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Vascular Imaging

  • Nicola Mason, BVetMed, PhD

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes, Lymphoma, NF-Kappa B activation, Oncology, Bone Cancer, Canine Lymphoma, Canine cancer, Cancer immunotherapy, Cancer vaccines

  • Michael May, PhD

Inflammatory diseases, Inflammatory responses, Cancer, NF-Kappa B activation, Signal transduction, Chronic inflammatory diseases

  • Michael Mison, DVM

Clinical surgical oncology and soft tissue surgery, Virtual reality surgical training, Effects of CO2 LASER on incised tissues

  • Pascale Salah, DVM
Clinical oncology
  • Karin Sorenmo, DVM

Canine cancer, Mammary and prostatic cancers, Cancer, Canine hemangiosarcoma, Oncology

  • Susan Volk, VMD, PhD

Wound repair and regeneration, Extracellular Matrix Scar formation and fibrosis, Regenerative medicine, Cell-based therapies, Tumor microenvironment

The Penn Vet Cancer Center is comprised of 25 members from all four departments of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and include both research scientists and clinicians.  Our members come from a diverse educational and clinical backgrounds and represent a wide array of research interests.

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