German Shepherd Working Dog

Purchase a Penn Vet Working Dog

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center offers dogs for sale at a variety of training levels, ages, and breeds,

If you are looking to hit the ground running with a partner well versed in your discipline, or to find a superior candidate to take through a department specific training program, contact us with your needs.

Our former students are serving communities across the country in Search & Rescue, Explosive Detection, Narcotics Detection, Dual Purpose Law Enforcement, Medical Detection and more.

All of our dogs will have graduated from our Puppy Foundation Program and have training in different detection disciplines.

The Right Dog for You

We are continually adding new dogs to our program and are bringing puppies up through a foundation of drive building and socialization.

If you are planning for your next K9 partner, we encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss your options with us. We believe discussion between you and our training team is the first step to creating a strong K9 team.

Working Dog Center


Serious inquiries, contact Annemarie DeAngelo, Training Director


Pricing varies by training level and discipline.