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Specialized Programs

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center serves a diverse and growing K9 community. From search and rescue teams to law enforcement, we offer specialized services that are based in research. Two specialized programs we offer include K9 Law Enforcement Training and Performance Medicine. 


Meet Bob Dougherty

Bob Dougherty and K9 partner Tango 

Cheltenham Township Police Officer Robert "Doc" Dougherty has become an integral member of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center as law enforcement canine coordinator. With more than 31 years of law enforcement and K9 experience, "Doc" brings vital training skills to the program.

Working Dog Center

Our Law Enforcement K9 Training Program provides local, state and federal agencies with individualized training to create high-performing K9 teams. Our program also breeds and trains working dogs. With more than 60 years combined of K9 and law enforcement experience, Training Director, Retir. NJ State Police Major Annemarie DeAngelo and Law Enforcement K9 Coordinator Ret. Cheltenham Township Police Department Officer Robert Dougherty have created an innovative positive reinforcement-based program. We are committed to partnering with your department to help you build an elite K9 Unit.

Law enforcment training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

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To learn how our Law Enforcement K9 Program can support your department, contact us at info@pennvetwdc.org or 215-898-2200.



  • Basic K9 Patrol Handler Course
  • Scent Detector School
  • Train-the-Trainer

In-Service Training

  • Customized curriculum to meet your department’s needs

Seminars & Workshops Working Dog Socks and Penn Officer at work

  • Covering specific topics essential to success on the street

K9 Evaluations

  • Workability & Behavior
  • Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation with the Penn Vet Working Dog Center Performance Medicine 

Available K9s for Sale

  • Dual Purpose 
  • Single Purpose

Working Dog Research

  • Risk factors including opioid exposure
  • Impact of medications (i.e., naloxone, vaccines) on olfactions 

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To learn how our Law Enforcement K9 Program can support your department, contact us at info@pennvetwdc.org or 215-898-2200.


The Penn Vet Working Dog Center K9 Performance Medicine service is designed to meet the fitness, conditioning, and rehabilitation needs of the working and performance dog community.

From getting an injured police K9 back on the street, to developing a fitness and conditioning program to improve the performance of an agility dog, our service IS LIMITED to performance dogs that are either working K9s or competitive canine athletes.

Working Dog Center Performance Medicine

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The training staff of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center work closely with the Performance Medicine Team to complete the transition from recovery to full work mode as well as to address performance issues that involve training. Our team of professionals have decades of experience with working K9s and dog sports.

Led by Canine Sports Medicine Specialist and expert in working dog medicine Dr. Cindy Otto, our Canine Performance Medicine Service is designed to build upon the services provided by our referring veterinarians. Our goal is to get these invaluable dogs back to work, and performing at the highest level possible.


Therapist Tracy Darling working with K9 Ferghus

Our facility, complete with an outdoor agility yard and indoor canine gym is specially equipped to meet the fitness and rehabilitation needs of performance dogs. One of the unique features of our facility is the integration of the physical and behavioral/training components of performance.

Fit to Work Videos

Want to learn how to keep your dog fit? Here are some valuable exercises taught by Dr. Cindy Otto.