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Since September 11, 2012, the Penn Vet Working Dog Center has been dedicated to the training, breeding, research, and care of the working dog.

We believe that we can identify and select for better and healthier dogs with a breeding program in this country, similar to what is done with many of the service dog organizations. We also hope that the research we are doing in the genetics and training aspects will help other organizations be more successful in identifying those shelter dogs that will excel in working roles.

The Working Dog Center has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security for the research and breeding of explosives detection canines. This endeavor uses data originally gathered by the Transportation Security Administration Breeding Program in order to determine the most critical genetic and behavioral characteristics of explosives detection dogs.

Building on this foundation, the WDC breeding program has capitalized on the TSA dogs, outside breeding collaborators, and the excellence of the dogs who have come up through our Puppy Foundation Program to produce the next generation of detection dogs.

Learn more about donating a puppy to our program.

Working Dog Center Breeding Program Stats 
 Year Breeding
2014 Zzisa (TSA) x Ffisher (TSA) - June 2014
2015 Ffoster (TSA) x DaVinci (CCI) - June 2015
2016 Socks (WDC) x Ddolan (TSA) - June 2016
2016 Pacy (WDC) x Packer (TSA/WDC) - July 2016
2017 Felony (WDC) x Hector (Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds) - May 2017
2017Socks (WDC) x Pete (Puppies Behind Bars) - June 2017
2017Ffoster (TSA) x Pancho (Deep Run Farms) - September 2017
2018  Pacy (WDC) x Pete (Puppies Behind Bars) - April 2018
2019 Pinto (TSA/WDC) x Boomer (WDC/Puppies Behind Bars) - September 2019