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2020 Online Working Dog Conference

Simon Prins, Trainer - ACT!

Detection training, the next level

Implications of Physical and Mental Training for the Working Dog Team
Allie Bender, CDBC - Pet HarmonyCanine enrichment for the working dog
Brian Farr, DVM - Penn Vet Working Dog Center
Fit to Work: Development of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center Physical Fitness Program
Paul Helms, LMT, CPT - Helms Performance

Workplace injury prevention for working dog handlers

Carlo Siracusa, DVM, PhD - Penn Vet Behavior Medicine

Understanding the science behind low-stress handling of dogs: the Penn Vet C.A.L.M. program
Novel Techniques for Training Successful Working Dog Teams
Hans Ebbers, Muenster Police Department The release - always a challenge
Bob Dougherty, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator - Penn Vet Working Dog CenterLaw (Re)Enforcement: A case study of how to minimize conflict in canine training
Esther Schalke, PhD - Bundeswehr School of Dog Handing Motivation, arousal, drive - The dog world in upheaval
  • Bridget Stewart Beardsley, Trainer - Penn Vet Working Dog Center
  • Jeanne Brock, Chief Instructor (ret.), LVT - Canine Performance Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University
  • Kerry Lemerise, Puppy Program Manager - Guiding Eyes for the Blind
  • Carl Rothe, Senior Instructor - Puppies Behind Bars
  • Mandy Tisdale, CPDT-KA, Canine Training Manager - Search Dog Foundation

Panel: Insights on training auxiliary contributors to your working dog program
Use of Assessments in Optimizing K9 Training Programs
Jenny Essler, PhD - Penn Vet Working Dog Center Exploring the possible use of behavioral testing in puppy and young dog aptitude in various working careers
Jennifer Lapin, PhD, Director of PennVet Evaluation and Assessment - University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary MedicinePreliminary evaluation of working dog training

Jane Russenberger, BS - Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Measuring behavior using the Behavior Checklist and using the data to optimize genetic potential for key behavior traits important to guide dogs

Scott Thomas, Consultant - AKC Detection Dog Task Force

The value and pitfalls of working canine behavioral assessment- A review based on practice and research
Emerging Technologies for Advancing the Working Dog
Nathan Hall, PhD - Texas Tech University
Towards behavioral predictors of odor discrimination learning and military working dog performance
Melody Jackson, PhD - Georgia TechWearable and environmental technology for working dogs
Jennifer Punt, VMD, PhD - University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Online performance, online learning
Dave Roberts, PhD - North Carolina State UniversityIoT, Cloud, and AI instrumentation to improve service dog breeding, socialization, and selection 
Highlights from the Field
Lucia Lazarowski, PhD - Auburn UniversityMaintaining long-term odor memory in detection dogs
Erin Perry, PhD - Southern Illinois UniversityTraining handlers on decontamination strategies for operational canines
Debra Zoran, DVM, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM - Texas A&M, Texas Task Force One
Comparison of Different Soaps on Skin Irritation during Repeated Decontamination of the Working Canine
Pratikshya Patil, DVM - National Veterinary Response TeamLessons Learned at the United Nations General Assembly
Pete Coppolillo, PhD - Working Dogs for ConservationLessons Learned, Biosecurity on ships in the Falklands
Mallory DeChant, MS - Texas Tech UniversityEffect of Handler Knowledge of the Detection Task on Canine Search Behavior and Performance
Clara Wilson, PhD - Queen's University BelfastCan Dogs Smell When a Human is Stressed?
Karen Meidenbauer, DVM, MPH - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics LabratoryOdor Detection Canine (ODC) Selection, Breeding, and Early Training Techniques
Poster Session
Dakota Discepolo - Southern Illinois UniversityImpacts of decontamination on canine skin
Julia Humphires, CCLS - Studer Family Children's Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart
Dogtors, the Best Medicine: Using Facility Dogs to Enhance the Pediatric Hospital Experience
Katherine Heckman -Pennsylvania University StateIs behavior testing predictive for eight week old service puppies?
Catherine Reeve -Queen's University BelfastPerspectives and Attitudes Towards Medical Alert Dogs